What glue for building is the best of all

What glue for building is the best of all

result of eyelash extension in many respects depends on quality of glue which is used by the master. Therefore it is necessary to treat its choice with heavy responsibility. Now in the market the extensive choice of producers of glue is provided. What does their products differ in and what it is worth paying attention to?


  1. Glue for eyelash extension of Irisk PROFESSIONAL. It is recommended to use for poresnichny building. It is characterized by the high durability and fastening. Waterproof, completely dries in 10 min. It is made on the basis of high-quality substance of cyanoacryl ester. At misuse can cause burning and allergic reactions. It is recommended to use to professional masters.
  2. Glue for eyelashes of Lidan has high rates of quality, elastic and moisture-proof, flavourless. Is suitable for sensitive eyes. Before use properly stir up glue, you store with densely closed cover it is desirable in the fridge (use term lasts). After the first opening of cover, glue is good 1–3 months. For professional use.
  3. Glue for eyelashes of Dolche Vita. Happens two types: black, with effect of eyeliner, it is used for black eyelashes; transparent – for color eyelashes. It is made on the basis of natural pitches, has high glutinosity and considerable cost. Glue is not toxic, does not emit formaldehydes and, respectively, does not cause irritation in the eyes. Instantly sticks together the necessary eyelashes. Dries within 3 minutes. The artificial eyelash drops out only in case of loss of natural.
  4. Glue-pitch for eyelashes and bunches of Lash Tite Adhesive from the Ardell company. Has waterproof effect strongly holds bunches during century 2–4 weeks. Is suitable for sensitive eyes as does not cause allergy. Glue since century special means from Ardell Lash Free Remover is removed. It is used by professional masters.
  5. Glue for eyelashes of Lash Adhesive clear from Salon Perfect. Easy to use and harmless glue on latex basis, is suitable for eyelash extension in house conditions. Application at allergy to latex is not recommended. It is necessary to use glue strictly according to recommendations, at hit in eyes – immediately to wash out large amount of water. To store in the place, unavailable to children.
  6. Glue-pitch for eyelashes and bunches series A Mirage. Idle time in application, reliably sticks together and has high elasticity. As glue has oily base, it is worth avoiding contact with oil. Glue does not cause allergy and has high quality.
  7. Glue-pitch for eyelashes of Irisk PLANTING Eyelash Glue does not cause allergy and burning even at open eyes. Glue has no pungent smell, dries longer than usual, about 10-15 seconds. For professional use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team