What good remover for hair

What good remover for hair

The remover for hair is one of fixed assets which girls use for dyed hair care. Often it is not recommended to carry out the procedure with washing of paint from hair as it weakens and injures them. What remover for hair is considered the most qualitative?

Having removed paint by means of remover, some girls are interested how to restore locks after this ruthless procedure. After use of remover the hair care demands special means – namely, shampoos and conditioners for the dry and injured hair. Have well proved means which part natural extracts of nettle, hop and millet are. They strengthen and restore the damaged structure of hair.

For achievement of the maximum effect of ukhodovy shampoos and conditioners it is desirable to get means from one series.

Also it is possible to get rid of paint on hair in beauty shop where masters use the natural, acid or decolouring remover. Two last removers extremely negatively influence hair and can even provoke their loss. Therefore after washing off of paint from hair they need to conduct restoration course from the strengthening masks and not to paint until they are restored after chemical "bombing".

Some girls consider the best remover for dyed hair emulsion of Estel Color off which easily removes even resistant paints. In spite of the fact that it is not absolutely harmless, the sparing formula is its part, and harmful ammonia and the clarifying components completely are absent. The washing of Estel Color off is used by professionals and ensures full safety and accurate removal of the painting particles from the weakened dyed hair.

The remover can be prepared and independently from beer, kefir or cognac – it is necessary to apply one of these drinks on hair, to wash away it and to make mask with natural oils.

The set of good reviews was received also by two-phase washing of Kapous which is the specialized means intended for correction of undesirable shade. It carefully dissolves and brings artificial pigments out of hair, without damaging and without clarifying them, without mentioning at the same time natural pigment. When using washing of Kapous on strongly painted dark hair it is necessary to remember that the result will depend on the number of the previous colourings and present condition of hair. And, at last, the quality was repeatedly confirmed by washing of Colorianne Remove Color System which removes dye without impact on natural color pigment of hair and does not break their food, unlike the traditional decolouring means. For once this remover containing fruit acids and protein will remove at least several layers of cosmetic shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team