What habits can improve your appearance

What habits can improve your appearance

The healthy lifestyle assumes strengthening of organism and maintenance of beauty and youth. It includes set of the factors demanding many forces, time and attention of the person. Let's get acquainted with the main useful habits which are capable to improve your health and appearance.

It is less than sugar! According to scientists, "sweet poison" is the first enemy of our skin. It promotes appearance of wrinkles. Getting to blood, sugar blocks molecules of elastin and collagen, and soft, elastic fibers turn soon into weak and rigid. Whether it is necessary to say that sugar quite often provokes diabetes of the second type and cardiovascular illnesses.

Of course, completely inveterate sweet teeth cannot clear sugar bowl the table. But it is possible to reduce consumption of sweets gradually. And instead of sugar to use honey, treacle or maple syrup.

It is less than salt! It is known that salt holds liquid in organism and promotes appearance of hypostases. During sleep they are considerably localized on face, and during wakefulness – standing. Besides, with age the big use of salt leads to emergence of calcaneal spurs which cause considerable pain. At the person the gait changes, and favourite shoes cannot almost already be worn.

It is completely impossible to refuse salt. It impacts special relish to dishes. But it is possible to avoid consumption of this spice with fresh vegetables, or to slightly salt insufficiently main courses.

It is more than water! Nutritionists of the whole world echo each other that water is unique gift of the nature. It gives life to all live. As for the person, the sufficient use of water brings every day hazardous substances out of organism, reduces amount of sugar in blood, interferes with increase in weight and helps to receive ideally flat stomach.

The amount of water has to correspond to the body weight and personal desires of the person. It is better to use it for half an hour before meal and in half an hour-hour later. Additional liquid should not be gassy. Otherwise you gain boomerang effect – emergence of abdominal fat on stomach and sides.

Tranquility and balance! The last scientific research has shown that occupations yoga not only calm reason and human body, but also promotes increase in growth. Regular trainings are resulted by strengthening of muscles of backbone. You do not need many efforts for maintenance of beautiful bearing any more. Besides, practice of certain asanas improves shape of female breast, loses weight. It is enough to allocate half an hour in day for occupations, and the result will not keep itself waiting. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team