What hair color approaches gray-blue eyes?

What hair color approaches gray-blue eyes?

Thanks to availability of pigment in iris of the eye, color of eyes of people is not identical. In the world it is possible to meet representatives of human race with various eyes: green, brown, blue, blue. Any option of coloring of "windows to the soul" is in own way fine and unique.

Gray-blue color of eyes is one of the most ancient shades of iris of the eye. It is curious that the gene of blue color is dominant therefore in the world of blue-eyed people it is much more, than owners of eyes of all other shades.

It is a little from psychology

If attentively to listen to the name of shade — gray-blue, then it is difficult not to notice that it consists of two flowers: gray and blue. And, therefore, owners of eyes of this fine shade — people contradictory and non-constant. Their mood is capable to change with speed of thought and is not subject to internal control. With the same speed also desires of owners of gray-blue eyes which shade, depending on lighting, color of clothes and other reasons, can vary from blue to dark gray change.

It is no wonder that girls and women with similar eyes rather often want to change something in the appearance. Most of people begin change of appearance with hairstyle or hair color. What hair color will most favourably emphasize gray-blue eyes?

How to choose hair color to gray-blue eyes

Usually natural natural hair color and color of eyes of the person represent ideal combination. However if there is internal discomfort and the woman feels the need to change hair color or to make them a little more brightly, then it is rather simple to paint head of hear the chosen shade.

Practically any hair color of cold shade approaches gray-blue eyes.

The most widespread and often found option — combination of eyes of the described color to fair hair. And here it is possible to stop the choice on various light shades: wheat, fair-haired, ashy. Everything depends on desire of each specific woman. The type of appearance plays not the last role in the matter. So, women with gray-blue eyes can have both light, and dark skin. At white-skinned girls most often and coloring of iris of light gray-blue shade. Therefore fair hair most of all is suitable for them. And here it is better for the swarty ladies possessing eyes of deep saturated gray-blue shade to give preference to coloring of hair in dark tone: black, chestnut, dark brown.

Try not to use when coloring shades, more than on 2 tones different from natural hair color.

From time immemorial people always pay attention to eyes of the person. Therefore competently you treat the choice of make-up and also shade of hair favourably to emphasize look depth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team