What hair color the most beautiful: overview of shades

What hair color the most beautiful: overview of shades

Today coloring of head of hear is intended not to hide gray hair. Now coloring is the whole art to which resort when want to change image. Before considerably changing image, stylists recommend to make the overview of shades of hair, having found out what color will look most harmoniously.

Any popular hair color can both decorate, and to spoil the woman. At good choice of shade the person looks younger, and eyes shine more brightly.

Blondes still are fashionable. Probably, since Greta Garbo and Marylin Monro every second girl at least once in life clarified hair. Today it is the most demanded shade of hair at white-skinned and blue-eyed women.

The most relevant are light-golden, ashy, light brown and "champagne splashes" color. The main thing that the head of hear has gained not "chicken" yellow tone, but pleasant straw, solar or honey shade. Among cold tones the silvery shade is very much appreciated.

Scarlett Johansson, Gwen Stefani and Hillary Daff are recognized as the most popular blondes. Do not lag behind them and Lindsay Lohan with Victoria Beckham whose hair by nature have red and chestnut-colored color.

Continuing the overview of shades of hair it is necessary to mention brown tone. Chestnut, coffee, nut, ashy-chestnut and auburn curls will make the owner 5-10 flyings younger. To all who dream to look naturally and harmoniously, brown shades are recommended. The chestnut and chocolate approach both brown, and blue or green eyes. Not for nothing these shades became favourite at the natural brunette Penelope Crous, Jessica Alba and Natali Portman.

Red – very popular hair color, both at white, and at swarty girls. Besides bright carrot shades be fashionable red, burgundy, ginger tone. It is necessary to remember that red shades do not tolerate pallor. With such hair color rather bright make-up that the face has not faded against the background of bright curls is necessary. Red-haired beauties should emphasize lips with pleasant natural tone of lipstick and also to pay attention to eyebrows, having made them heads of hear are a little more dark. Nichole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon treat the successful women who have won glory thanks to shade of hair.

Though it is considered to be that the most demanded shade of hair is blond, brunettes will always be at the peak of popularity. Dark-haired women of fashion are kind of opposed to naive fair-haired nymphs. Though the brunette to become much easier, than number of nuances which should be considered exists the blonde, nevertheless. First, black color ages. So it is possible to use this tone if skin smooth, without wrinkles, and has equal healthy tone. Secondly, that dark color did not become greenish or blue, it is worth doing coloring under the leadership of the professional. Also it is not recommended to owners of the thin and injured hair to be painted in black color. Such shade will only emphasize problem. Example of the ideal brunette are Monica Bellucci, Salma Hayek, Catherine Zeta Jones, Demi Moore and also Elisabeth Taylor and Vivier Li in their best years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team