What hair curlers are safer for hair

What hair curlers are safer for hair

For hair the hair curlers of the last generation made of foam rubber, velor or polymeric fibers are safer. They allow to receive predictable curls, and the most important – keep structure of hair, their gloss and force.

The fashion for voluminous curly hair was always. Even men preferred to sport in wigs with beautiful curls, and such trend has held on long enough. Today women of all nationalities and races continue to wind the straight hair on hair curlers, putting their force, gloss and health on beauty altar. And whether there are safe hair curlers which are not doing harm to hair?

Types of hair curlers

Metal hair curlers with elastic bands, this remnant of the past still it is possible to meet in the depths of cases of some women. It is terrible to provide, but on them even slept! The sore head and the electrified hair with dissect elastic bands tips were result of such barbarity. The women having opportunity in those far times to dry the hair wound on metal hair curlers phenom, were not in the best family way: metal quickly heated up, injuring head skin and hair even more.

Thermohair curlers are close relatives of electrohair curlers. Only the first boil in saucepan, and the second are completed with electric support in which they are heated. On hot hair curlers it is accepted to wind dry hair – this way of wave is more sparing. But if to twist wet hair, then under the influence of high temperatures they will begin to give intensively moisture that will affect their structure adversely. Hair will become more dim, dry, thin and fragile. Hair curlers with natural bristle and hair curlers velcros have appearance of cylinders with rough surface which keep on hair without additional fastening. Such products are intended for giving of radical volume therefore it is better to apply them on short hair. Long thick hair will only get confused in these "hedgehogs". As a result it is possible to be left without solid part of head of hear. The wooden or plastic koklyushka allowing to twist only narrow locks would be good if not one "but": they as well as metal fellows, spoil hair elastic bands.

The sparing hair curlers

Quite recently in the market of beauty there were foam hair curlers and boomerangs on which it is possible to sleep, without being afraid to wake up with the sore head. They can quite be considered safe for hair. "Velvet" hair curlers – the plastic products covered with velors fabric allow to create volume hairstyle, keeping gloss and vivacity of hair. And the latest last word in fashion are technological spiral hair curlers of Magic leverage that is translated as "magic influence". These spiral "chulochka" from polymeric fibers will help to create tremendous spiral curls. Soft tapes are not felt on hair at all that allows to use them for the night. They are convenient in application and are completely safe for hair.

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