What hairstyles spoil hair

What hairstyles spoil hair

We have got used to consider that health and beauty of our hair are harmed by generally external factors or improper feeding and leaving. However it not always so. Some daily hairstyles promote fragility, dimness and poredeniye of quite dense head of hear. Now you learn what hairstyles spoil hair.


  1. African braids. This hairstyle first of all is harmful that she very strongly pulls hair, harming thereby normal blood circulation of head skin. The hair braided in braids make heavier all head of hear in general therefore muscles of neck are overloaded and are tired. The most serious lack of such hairstyle is that it is impossible to comb hair, and this procedure is very useful not only to hair, but also head skin. If you often have headaches or you have neuralgia, then you should not do African braids.
  2. Chemical wave. In the list of hairstyles which spoil hair, of course, there is also chemical wave. Though this hairstyle also does hair for some time voluminous, but as a result all of them equally will become dim, weakened and splitting, and all because is broken structure of hair. The acid wave keeps very long, but it also is the most harmful. If you after all have decided on this hairstyle, then whenever possible make alkaline wave - it will not so strongly do much harm to hair.
  3. Pile. Those who have quite rare and fine hair like to do such hair. From pile the hair sustain mechanical damage therefore having made it, forget about smooth and healthy hair for long time. After such hairstyle any mask will not help to recover curls health. It is the best of all to forget about this procedure for ever. To give to hair volume, use special gels and skins.
  4. The increased hair. Building of artificial locks became quite popular. This procedure very strongly loads own hair. If you have got to the inexperienced hairdresser, then risk to lose as a result up to 25% of the head of hear! I think, any most beautiful hairstyle does not cost it.
  5. Horse tail. This is happy simple hairstyle too is in the list. Daily collecting hair in bunch, you draw them, thereby breaking blood circulation of integument of the head. In addition also curls because do not receive enough nutrients spoil. That such hairstyle as horse tail, has not done much harm to you and your hair, do not do it hard and it is too frequent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team