What is gommage

What is gommage

of the types of peeling applied to skin care is the gommage. It is curious that this term is translated from French as eraser. By means of gommage it is really possible to erase dead skin cells.

The cosmetic gommage differs from body scrubs and the person in more delicate action. This means for leaving does not contain in structure of firm parts therefore clarification happens more carefully. Gommages are generally made on the basis of fruit acids thanks to what there is not mechanical, but chemical impact on skin.

The gommage improves condition of skin, effectively cleaning, means also activates blood circulation and metabolism. The sparing peeling can be used even for very sensitive skin, at skin, dry, inflamed, thin, inclined to formation of eels. Clarification by gommage is recommended to be carried out not only as the independent procedure, but also for preparation of epidermis for drawing masks. Due to microcirculation improvement, skin perceives maximum of advantage of cosmetic procedures.

The gommage can be used in the presence of pimples, injuries of skin. But for this purpose the structure when drying does not need to be deleted mechanically, it is necessary to wash away means warm water.

Regular use of gentle peeling helps to fight against skin withering, dim complexion. Skin after gommage becomes freshen, shining and elastic. Means dissolves the died-off sections, the soft structure will not injure skin.

It will be possible to get gommages in any cosmetic shop, but it is possible to make peeling and independently. For example, for body use gommages with natural ground coffee, having mixed it with cream. Means with the processed oat-flakes diluted with milk will be suitable for the person.

It is possible to pick up gommage practically for any type of skin, and it is recommended to use delicate peeling more often than srub. For owners of the fat or combined skin the clarification by gommage 2-3 times a week will be suitable option, and at normal, dry type of skin – 1-2 times are more rare, for example.

The gommage is not recommended to be applied if the exit to the sun is necessary. Skin after clarification will be sensitive to ultraviolet.

That the gommage with fruit acids has better worked, it is more convenient to make the procedure in bath or the bathroom when skin is slightly steamed out. The creamy structure is caused on massage lines, it is necessary to avoid hit of peeling on skin around eyes and lips, mucous. It is enough to leave means for several minutes. As soon as the gommage begins to dry up, it is possible to remove it. For this purpose the soft crust is accurately skatyvat fingertips. It is necessary to avoid skin extension. The remains of means can be washed away warmish water.

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