What is solid oils

What is solid oils

oils, or batter – the products of plant origin keeping creamy or strong consistence in the conditions of room temperature. At contact with skin such oils melt and can be applied as the looking after means in pure form or as a part of mix with liquid vegetable oils.

Natural vegetable solid oils-battery

Solid oils are used for preparation of massage tiles, handmade soap, as a part of butter creams on face, body leaving, lip and hair balms. The majority of types of the SPA cosmetics is enriched with solid natural oils.

As a part of batter only natural vegetable oils with the high content of the saturated acids helping to keep beauty and youth of skin, to recover hair.

In cosmetic products the batter are applied as thickener and biologically active agent allowing to nourish skin and hair with nutrients, to fill with moisture. Completely natural solid oils receive by pressing of vegetable raw materials without use of chemical technologies. Unique exotic tropical batter receive from the wild and cultivated plants of Brazil, Africa, India. Vegetable firm oils are cooked by mixing of the hydrogenated and not refined natural oils. The firm product of creamy consistence turns out. The strengthened sliding when drawing on skin allows to use such oils as massage. If to store solid oils in the hot room, the consistence of product can change and turn into soft. It should be considered when transporting cosmetic tiled oils.

How to apply solid oils

For use of solid oil it is purely enough to break off small piece, to take it in hands and to apply to skin the massing movements. Especially such way is suitable for the dry withering skin. Kupuasa batter most often is used as substitute of lanolin and emulsifier. Cocoa Virginia oil possesses amazing chocolate smell and is suitable for elimination of cellulitis. Solid oil of mango and shi possess sun-protection factor and are applied before solar bathtubs. Batter to kupuas and shi are applied to the injured hair care. Karite butter is produced from tree shi. Systematic use of such solid oil considerably slows down aging processes, does skin velvety, soft. Cocoa oil can be used at gentle children's skin care from the first day of life. Coconut oil is applied by production of shampoo, balm to hair care. Oil of laurels has greenish shade and possesses powerful antiseptic action, promotes fast regeneration of integuments, healing of small wounds and grazes. Oil it excellently moisturizes and tones up the skin, can be used at eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.

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