What is the graduated hairstyle

What is the graduated hairstyle

The graduated hairstyle especially attractively looks on long hair. It gives them additional volume thanks to what the hairstyle looks beautiful and magnificent. At the same time length of hair does not decrease as only upper locks are cut off. This hairstyle is universal - hair for its performance can be both straight and elastic, and wavy and thin.

What is represented by the graduated hairstyle

Graduation is peculiar step hairstyle where each hair, from internal part of hairstyle to external, is located one over another. At the same time length of hair differs in smooth transitions. Besides, graduation can be made on certain site of hairstyle.

The graduated hairstyle: what it is necessary to pay attention to

If the graduated hairstyle becomes on long, but at the same time too fine hair, you should not be fond of tapering of the ends strongly. Transitions from one step of locks to another have to be smooth and imperceptible. If this condition is not met, in 2-3 days the done hair will begin to look carelessly and quite roughly.

On straight fine hair the graduated hairstyle usually is not carried out by length to shoulders as in that case the thinned-out tips looks not too attractively. If you after all have decided to do this hair at such length, it is necessary to give to hairstyle volume at the expense of short flight of stairs in the field of the top. At the same time length of upper layer of locks has to reach no more than 5 cm. The graduated hairstyle on long hair is done also in case it is required to reduce weight of dense head of hear. In particular it concerns the curling locks. At the expense of steps they become more elastic. However it is not necessary to cut them on the top excessively shortly as because of it it is possible to become similar to poodle. With length of hair below shoulders it is possible to execute graduation, since the level of ears. At the same time transitions have to be smooth.

How to make the graduated hairstyle of even more beautiful

Excellently emphasizes graduation on hair lightening and highlighting of separate locks. To add bigger appeal and originality of such hairstyle, it is possible to use several various shades for highlighting. For laying of the graduated hairstyle it is necessary to apply skin, mousse, gel or wax on dry hair. It will allow to emphasize step structure of similar hairstyle. To style short or average hair, it is necessary to use simple massage flat brush for combing. Under stream of warm air of the hair dryer of lock dry against growth of hair on both sides. In such a way you will be able to achieve tremendous shine, smoothness and volume of hairstyle. If you look for really sensual and effective hairstyle attracting views of people around, look narrowly at the graduated hairstyle. Perhaps, it the fact that it is necessary for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team