What to do if hands dry

What to do if hands dry

The excessive dryness of hands can cause many unpleasant feelings. Besides, this feature can testify to the shortage of vitamins and other substances, necessary for organism.

Reasons of dryness of hands and methods of fight against it

Some women and men periodically should face unpleasant feeling of dryness of skin of hands. This state can be near is caused a factors. The most common cause - aggressive influence of adverse environmental conditions. It can be cold, wind, ice water, chemical reagents.

To cope with dryness of skin, it is necessary to exclude influence of above-mentioned factors. In cold season you should not leave the house with open hands. It is necessary to perform houseworks only in rubber gloves.

The shortage of vitamins can become the reason of dryness of skin. Especially often such state is observed when in organism there are not enough vitamins A and E. As prevention it is possible to spend on drink course the medicine Ayevit or separately vitamins A and E. Sukhost skin is called also by the wrong care for it. Cosmetologists assure that to get rid of unpleasant feelings and considerably it is possible to improve condition of hands all for few weeks. For this purpose it is necessary to pick up correctly the program for care for skin and to regularly perform all procedures. For disposal of dryness it is necessary to grease hands with nutritious cream several times a day. At least two times a week it is necessary to apply to skin nutritious mask for 20-30 minutes. After the end of procedure it is even possible not to wash away nutritious structure from hands. If consistence of mask too fat, then its remains have to be got wet with napkin. The great result is yielded by application of national ways of treatment of skin of hands. At least 1 time a week it is recommended to do the softening hand baths on the basis of the warmed-up olive oil. For increase in efficiency of the procedure it is possible to add several drops of essential oil of lemon or grapefruit to bath. The mask from warm mashed potatoes helps to cope with dryness of skin of hands perfectly.

Choice of hand cream

Unlike nutritious masks, hand cream needs to use daily. That its use was the most effective, it is important to pick up the correct product. At dryness of hands it is necessary to choose cream of rather dense and dense consistence. Valuable oils, vitamins and other nutritious components have to be part of cosmetic. It is possible to add a little medicine Ayevit to ready cream of industrial production. So process of regeneration of skin will go much quicker. At the same time it is not obligatory to buy expensive import hand creams at all. Domestic cosmetic goods differ in abundance in their structure of natural components and high efficiency. The low price makes them available to all consumers. If skin of hands not just dry, but also is subject to peeling, irritation, then it is better to address the dermatologist who will advise competent treatment. Very often in such cases the experts advise to use instead of usual cream the healing ointments and cream from atopic dermatitis.

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