What to make hairstyle on wavy hair of average length

What to make hairstyle on wavy hair of average length

Wavy hair give to women softness, femininity and romanticism. Hairstyles of average length are ideal for curly hair, doing hair more magnificent and volume. They allow to experiment with various styles, and their laying does not demand special efforts.

Popular hairstyles for wavy hair

The most popular hairstyles for the curling curls of average length are the cascade, bean and caret. The cascade on such hair looks very effectively, creating the additional volume and large number of options of laying which can be done by means of hair curlers, the hair dryer, the curling iron or the iron. Most often in this hairstyle the short flight of stairs is cut off, since chin level, doing at the same time smooth or sharp step transitions.

Also the cascade can be complemented with the long, short, equal or slanting bang doing features by more expressive.

Length of hair at hairstyle "bean" can reach shoulders or to be a little shorter. Steps and tapering visually increase volume therefore the bean perfectly looks both on wavy, and on curly hair, both with bang, and without bang. This hairstyle allows to extend visually neck, to extend roundish face and to soften too sharp cheekbones. Ideal addition for bean is the kolorirovaniye by means of which the hairstyle finds effect of multiple layers. For small features it is better to choose bean with soft contour, and full-faced girls with wavy hair of average length will suit bean without volume side locks.

Universal caret

The most widespread hairstyle for wavy hair of average length also is eternally fashionable equal caret. Today at the height of fashion – caret with the graduated lower locks, asymmetric caret, with the separate extended locks and caret with bang. The equal hairstyle will suit only happy owners of obedient curls – otherwise, hair should be straightened the iron.

The bang for caret which is cut off on one side or cast away from forehead is the most optimal and convenient variant of addition of caret.

In 2014 the fashionistas with wavy curls of average length can choose for themselves elegant caret with accurate geometrical silhouette which perfectly looks on shiny well-groomed hairs. The bang at the same time can be shortened (the openness and freshness) or dense gives to the face and long (the mysteriousness and sensuality gives to the face). On wavy the hair also well looks caret without bang which rushes on straight line or parting at the side. For creation of evening option of hairstyle, the line of hair parting can be arranged quite low – so wavy curls will seductively fall on one side of face, kind of covering it from greedy views.

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