Whether it is possible to look in 40 years on 20

Whether it is possible to look in 40 years on 20

In twenty years the fortieth anniversary seems such far. But there comes the moment when the woman after thirty "with tail" begins to ask herself questions whether it is still possible to look in forty years on twenty. What needs to be done in order that people around did not notice your age and still addressed you only with the word "girl"?


  1. In fact there is no impossible. It is proved that the correct selection and the use of hormonal contraceptives give for a long time to the woman the second youth. Including external, not only physical. At women, long time applying oral contraceptives of new generation, is noted aging of skin at much later age, than at those which were protected by other types of contraception. But here it is very important to pick up correctly reliable hormonal remedy which suits you. And it is necessary to make it by means of the gynecologist-endocrinologist.
  2. In thirty years the woman should make without fail at least once a year blood test on condition of its hormonal background. The climax and its consequences when body skin inevitably grows old, can come also at early age. And the normal level of hormones in blood will prevent its emergence. If the condition of hormones is in blood of the woman not at the appropriate level, the doctor will choose for her hormonal means which will complement organism with missing hormones. Rejuvenation in that case and distance of old age will not be kept themselves waiting.
  3. When the woman considers that without effort, only on one genetics, it will manage to keep appearance "in bridle", she is mistaken. Adhere to normal food which contains many vegetables, fruit, berries, greens. Drink every day a lot of usual drinking water, at least one and a half liters. Water maintains water balance in organism, saturates skin cells with moisture.
  4. After thirty years buy cosmetics with anti-aging action. It is desirable to use creams, tonics and masks of one line. If it seems to you poorly acting, does not suit your skin, replace producer of cosmetics. Daily clean from cosmetics and dirty particles face and neck in the evening, refresh it with ice pieces from infusions of herbs or water with drops of lemon juice in the mornings.
  5. Refuse visit of sunbeds, long stay in the sun. These procedures considerably age skin. And if in 20 years it is almost imperceptible, then at 30-40 you will notice that at intensive suntan you look is more senior than the years. If you go outside, you always put sunblock cream on face.
  6. In forty years reconsider the make-up. Consult to the stylist as now it is better for you to look after skin and to apply on it decorative cosmetics. The make-up really works wonders and can both add flying to the hostess, and to rejuvenate her face for several years.
  7. The hairstyle and hair color will play huge role in your shape for visual rejuvenation. Be not recoloured sharply from the dark brown-haired woman or the brunette in the blonde. If have decided to be clarified, do it gradually, tone behind tone. And on the contrary, light curls do not paint in deep dark tone. As for length of hair, there is opinion here that the short hairstyle diminishes age. However, this delusion. The extended hair hide the outlined second chin and skin of neck which becomes flabby over time. Prefer short hairstyle only if hair over the years have strongly thinned and have worsened.
  8. Surely lose weight to normal weight. You should not grow thin in turn from norm of the body. The surplus of weight and strong leanness add visually excess years of appearance to the woman.
  9. Try to treat life and people around with positive, with joyful, good mood every day. Nothing so ages the woman as grumbling, gloom, discontent. The radiant smile and the sparkling eyes will hide any decades of your age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team