Whether it is possible to wash the head every day at hair loss at women

Whether it is possible to wash the head every day at hair loss at women

About about 60 percent of men and about 30 percent of women face hair loss problem on the planet. It turns out that men face problem of baldness and hair loss, than the woman approximately twice more often. But for ladies this problem more catastrophic.

The causes of hair loss at women

Hair for women were always considered as symbol of beauty and female charm. The head of hear is richer and more magnificent, the woman feels more surely. When hair at women begin to drop out, this trouble becomes for them the most real crash. Women begin to think how to them to behave that can be done and that it is impossible. They think as it is correctly necessary to look after the hair and whether it is possible to look after them as they did it usually.

The first that needs to be made, is to understand the cause of hair loss. The reasons can be different. It can be hormonal violations, stressful situations, infectious diseases, chronic slow diseases, and already in the last turn of problem with hair bulbs. Also hair can drop out not because of problems with health, and because of excessive use of hair dryers, irons, curling irons and because of aggressive combing. That to understand all this, it is necessary to visit the therapist and in need of other profile experts. The visit to the trichologist (the expert dealing with problems of hair) will be also not superfluous.

Just the trichologist will help to deal with problem, will find ways of its decision and will advise as it is correct to look after hair and how often to wash them, including.


After clarification of the reasons it is necessary to start their elimination. Treatment will depend on the reason. At full health, but in the presence of stressful situations, for example, it is necessary to exclude these stressful situations. Hormonal problems are solved by correction of hormonal background. If the disease of thyroid gland is the reason of hair loss, then it is necessary to treat her.

In general treatment of hair loss complex. Besides elimination of basic reason, vitamins, the balanced food, massage of head skin, sufficient physical activity are necessary and in general the healthy lifestyle is only welcomed. It is desirable to get rid of addictions, they only aggravate problem, reducing blood circulation of hairy part of the head and increasing organism intoxication level. In addition various masks, lotions for improvement of head skin, for stimulation of growth of hair, for improvement of blood circulation of head skin will be useful. Shampoos in such unpleasant situation should be chosen as eco-friendly, made on the basis of natural natural components.

How often it is necessary to wash the head 

There is one question: how often to wash the head with these chosen natural means at loss? What is usually advised by trichologists in similar situation? And usually they do not advise often to wash hair. Trichologists consider that daily washing of hair is stress for hair bulbs. Recommendations about the frequency of washing of hair depend on type and condition of hair. Than hair to the land, less often them it is necessary to wash with that. Once a week is enough for dry hair, it is possible to wash normal hair two times a week, and fat — about two or three times a week. But in any way not every day. Every day hair cannot be washed even in the absence of problems. And if there is such problem as hair loss, then the head should not be washed every day absolutely definitely.

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