Whether it is possible to wash the head every day if oily hair

Whether it is possible to wash the head every day if oily hair

Beautiful, well-groomed hair play important role in the relations with people around. First of all pay attention to appearance of the person. And the beautiful hairstyle is one of components of pleasant image. In turn untidy and out-of-condition hair causes negative emotions and frightens off.

Structure of hair

Besides esthetic role for the person the hair perform also protective function. Human body hair practically everywhere. They have complex structure. It would seem, such simple "body" - filament, and it is so difficult to describe its building. And all because it really difficult. If it is absolutely simple, then it is possible to describe the structure of hair so.

The hair consists of bulb (hair follicle). In bulb there is hair nipple from vessels and connecting fabric. Exactly thanks to vessels of bulb there is blood supply of hair. Still there are sweat and sebaceous glands, they produce secret. Thanks to this secret the protection against dirt which could get to bulb is formed. Just also depends on work of these glands, there will be head skin dry, normal or fat. This knowledge will help to understand further whether it is necessary to wash the head daily.

These are not all components of hair. There is still brain substance, bark, medulla, Henle's group, Huxley's group and others. The hair consists of several layers, but it is not crucial for question of the frequency of washing of the head any more.

Types of hair and feature of leaving

There are different types of hair. Depending on type it is necessary to take hair care.

Normal hair are the most optimal variant. Such hair not whimsical, they do not require to themselves special attention. Two times a week what shampoo are enough to wash of them only carefully, to get wet with clean fluffy terry towel and to dry up in the natural way. Not to rub their this towel, and just to get wet and dry up. And after that to comb wooden hairbrush with wide teeths. For them it is not obligatory to use various masks, balms, excess and absolutely unnecessary means at all.

Dry hair demand special leaving: they need to be humidified, fed, done nutritious masochka, it is obligatory to use conditioners that hair were not confused and looked more "live". It is possible to wash dry hair once a week. It is quite enough that they looked clean and well-groomed.

Oily hair direct opposite dry. They zhirnitsya very quickly and soiled. It would seem, have only washed up hair, and they dirty again. It is connected with very active work of sebaceous glands. Such hair need to be washed two or three times a week, usually in process of pollution. But every day you should not wash such hair. It is connected with the fact that the fats produced by sebaceous glands protect all surface of hair and do them beautiful and elastic. If every day to wash hair, then fats will be washed away, and hair will lose the healthy gloss and beauty. Sebaceous glands after washing will produce secret again, and head skin will become fat.

Dermatologists and trichologists do not recommend to wash oily hair daily. And in case of excessive skin oiliness of the head advise to consult the expert and to undergo necessary treatment.

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