Whether the gym helps weight loss

Whether the gym helps weight loss

the person decides to leave extra kilos, the first thought - to register in gym. Concerning occupation on any given exercise machines there are many delusions.

Why at the person it is impossible to lose weight in gym?

Unaware people cannot often achieve effective result in weight loss because do not distinguish occupation for increase in muscle bulk and fat-burning trainings. They snatch on power simulators with the purpose to lose weight, and try to obtain increase in muscle bulk under layer of fat.

It is necessary to dispel strange belief of some people that it is possible to lose weight in certain part of body. And also illiterate confidence that fatty tissue can be converted into muscular. It under no circumstances is impossible, fatty and muscle tissue cannot be connected thus.

If you begin to swing press, your muscles will come to tone and will look better. But the fat layer from it will not evaporate anywhere. Therefore it is necessary to build competently the training if the purpose is to lose excess weight. In gym you do not suit exercise machines which work at the expense of your force. All this exercise machines for separate groups of muscles: hands, shoulders, back, abdominal press, shin, hips and buttocks. You have come not to work for increase in muscle bulk therefore leave violent repetitions for later.

What exercise machines help weight loss

Pay attention to the cardiovascular machines loading first of all heart. Here the racetrack, the bicycle, the elliptic exercise machine belong. They mean monotonous performance of any given movements for a long time. Occupations on cardiovascular machines promote active combustion of fat and bring all muscles into tone. At the same time they are incapable to provoke considerable muscular gain. So you will be able to get slim figure, but not hypertrophied muscles of press or legs. Cardiovascular machines start the zhiroszhiganiye mechanism approximately in 20 minutes after the beginning of occupation. And it provided that you did not eat food in couple of hours before training. Otherwise the organism will use energy from food and will not reach fat stocks. Therefore it is necessary to adjust diet, combining it with trainings. Otherwise not to achieve due effect. Also during the training on the cardiovascular machine it is necessary to fill amount of liquid in organism at the expense of clean drinking water. The lack of water of organism leads to its overheating and exhaustion. After disposal of excess weight it is possible to switch to muscular relief. There will be enough small regular load of muscles that they always remained in tone. The lack of thick fat layer will show your achievements in all beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team