Why hair drop out

Why hair drop out

The hair loss is capable to become the real problem both for the woman, and for the man. Though the reasons of it can differ. As a rule, the person is able to stop loss of hair, having changed way of life.

Because of hair loss you should not be upset if it occurs within norm. If on hairbrush every day there are whole locks, then it is occasion to think and try to save the head of hear.

For the average person the loss of 40-100 hair in day is normal.

Influence of the environment and way of life

One of the reasons, most widespread in the modern world, of the increased loss of hair - stresses which harm organism in general. Stresses are connected with way of life to which both the constant sleep debt, and improper feeding with lack of vitamins and microelements, and drinking water with high degree of rigidity and harmful impurity belongs. In the latter case it is possible to try to boil tap water for washing of the head to reduce its rigidity, etc.

Other reason - adverse influence of the environment. It can be the raised radiation, availability of harmful emissions in the atmosphere. To some extent here it is possible to carry also the chemical imbalance in organism caused by intake of any medicines, for example antibiotics and hormonal means. Adversely stay on frost without headdress influences bulbs of hair.

Importance of hair care

Loss can cause also the wrong hair and head skin care. Incorrectly picked up care products can break blood supply of bulbs of hair, do dry hair and head skin, to cause dandruff, aggressively to influence, etc. Sometimes change of shampoo and the conditioner, application of masks with vegetable oils, honey, pepper tincture can help. Besides, it is not necessary to tighten hair in hard tail and to do other hard hair.

Consider that both too frequent washing, and rare when the collected skin fat interferes with digestion of nutrients head skin and to its breath harms hair.

Hormonal problems at men and women

One of the most unpleasant reasons of problems with head of hear - hormonal. In this sense the risk of baldness for men is higher. It is connected with the fact that hormone dihydrotestosterone at them quicker and more often accumulates in upper layer of the head that leads to loss of hair. In many respects it is caused by heredity. But also hormonal changes in organism can cause loss of hair in women, often temporary. It can be pregnancy, the beginning of menopause, the beginning of sex life and also endocrine violations and various diseases.

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