Why hair drop out

Why hair drop out

Hair loss – quite unpleasant problem which both men, and women face. And the last cope with it much more simply. Stresses, improper feeding, problems with health, hormonal violations, etc. can be the causes of hair loss.


  1. One of the most common causes of hair loss is the stress. It can arise because of constant physical activities, chronic sleep debt, various nervous shocks. Inflow of blood to hair bulbs is reduced because of stresses, and hair cease to grow much earlier, than followed. And they begin to thin not at once, and after several weeks and even months therefore at once to define stress as the reason of the arisen problem very not easy.
  2. Diets can also affect health and splendor of hair. When the person begins to limit himself in food, its diet is considerably reduced and the organism does not receive due amount of vitamins for normal functioning. The same concerns also hair bulbs. In the absence of C, E and F vitamins and also at the insufficient volume of zinc and iron the hair begin to thin and drop out.
  3. Considerably the condition of hair at various infectious diseases worsens. It is known that hair represent health indicators. If the organism has given any failure, it will affect beauty of head of hear at once. The organism during disease actively tries to cope with it and hair, teeth and nails suffer because of it first of all.
  4. Women the cause of hair loss can have pregnancy and the period of lactation. During pregnancy the hair look much better, than to it since the organism produces estrogen which suppresses androgens. The last represent men's hormones which increased level causes baldness. However right after childbirth, estrogen ceases to be produced, and their quantity is considerably reduced, as affects condition of hair.
  5. Head skin problems can also lead to loss of hair. Such most widespread disease is seborrhea. It leads to blockage of bulbs and further hair loss. However this process easily responds to treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team