Why men aged often look better than women

Why men aged often look better than women

Women and men have considerable external differences. Also it is not about physiological differences, and that even aging of female body begins earlier, than aging of men's. It occurs under the influence of set of various factors.

Very few people will doubt that men and women who are equal on age will look differently. The man keeps the beauty and remains at height for some reasons.

Generally the difference in appearance consists in features of male skin. She is more fat, than at women and therefore keeps the smartness and elasticity. It is connected with human physiology.

In life of people there are many various stressful situations. Girls react to them too violently. They can laugh, cry, be angry and frown. Men not such emotional, as women.

It allows them to prevent appearance of early mimic wrinkles.

Besides, men do not use decorative cosmetics, unlike women. Women's skin has negative influence from daily use of shadows, powders, the tone and matting means, lipstick. Men like to have a rest, they are able to do it and love. Being at work, they earn money, argue with colleagues on something. Prove someone something, experience physical and psychological activity, generally give all the best on full. But coming home, they have a rest.

They should not cook food, to erase, remove the apartment. All this helps them to look better.

At some men beauty is inborn. They are natural by the nature and quite often do not care especially for the appearance, trying to improve it masks and other means as it is done by women. It is quite enough to man just to look tidy. All energy at them leaves on entertainments, work, generally, on full-fledged and active life. Such way of life is inherent in them more because they are not burdened with care of children and household chores.

Women by 40 years usually have change of hormonal background (slow fading of functioning of ovaries begins). These changes I cannot well affect appearance. Also in female body the amount of sex hormone of estrogen begins to be reduced, there is its deficiency. It, of course, affects elasticity of skin of women. At its shortcoming skin becomes less elastic, on it the dryness and flabbiness is shown. Also production of collagen decreases. As women are very emotional, by mature years or even even earlier at them mimic wrinkles begin to be shown. In organism there is violation of water-salt balance. It involves hypostases both on face, and on all body. Change of figure of the woman happens because processes of metabolism change, in the investigation of what fat deposits on hips, waist and breast appear. The climax at women begins by 40-50 years therefore at them signs of withering act earlier - it is one of basic reasons on which women at mature age look worse than men, just they physiologically are located to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team