Why on skin fatty tumors appear

Why on skin fatty tumors appear

Fatty tumors represent new growths under skin. They can appear on all body, but are more preferably localized in hairy part of the head. In medical terminology the fatty tumors are called lipomas.

What is fatty tumor

Fatty tumors are tumor of fatty tissue and do not belong to oncological diseases. The person under skin can find consolidation which does not disturb in any way in himself. When pressing the consolidation can be displaced in different directions, to the touch quite soft. The fatty tumor size increases over time. Long time can even be not noticed that such defect under skin has appeared. Emergence of fatty tumor does not cause temperature increase, pains, even when pressing does not hurt at all. The lipoma grows where there is fatty tissue, that is on all body. The esthetic aspect of new growth gives inconvenience. If there is no opportunity to hide it under clothes, then it can become problem. Appearance of consolidation under skin not the most attractive.

Why there are fatty tumors

Fatty tumors appear from behind metabolic disorder in human body. This violation is connected with the wrong food allowance and inability of organism in full of measures to remove disintegration products. Slags and deposits finally disperse on all body and block channels of sebaceous glands. So fatty tissue accumulates and forms consolidations. The fatty tumor can appear from behind the infections which have got under skin. But sometimes lipomas are observed at absolutely healthy people and even children. The fatty tumor, in fact, is cyst which grows on body, and in it grease secret and cells of epithelium accumulates.

As new growths are removed

Fatty tumors are safe, but over time they can mutate in malignant tumor. The old fatty tumor becomes unavailable to protective antibodies. It is the fine environment for development of pathogenic microflora. It is impossible to delete fatty tumors independently. Because just to puncture and squeeze out liquid not enough. It is necessary to seize the capsule in which all slags accumulate to avoid disease recurrence. If on body hillocks of unknown origin have been found, then it is necessary to address the surgeon. Only he will be able to reveal the nature of new growth and to remove it in the surgical way. Fatty tumors delete under local anesthetic, cut consolidation and seize the capsule. It will be required to impose several seams if the fatty tumor was big. If the capsule at cut was damaged and completely withdrawn, then more fatty tumor will not disturb. All operation lasts several minutes then the patient is sent home.

Prevention of disease

To avoid obstruction of sebaceous glands, it is necessary to clean skin special peelings, srubs. The keratosic layer of skin has to be removed from time to time. Fatty tumors most often appear at the people with oily skin having acne rash, seborrheal dermatitis.

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