Why there are birthmarks

Why there are birthmarks

Birthmarks, nevus if to speak medical language, are flat and convex, can have the different form and the size. There are such spots because of the wrong development of body tissues. As a rule, the nevus is shown on skin, but also happens that they appear on mucous covers. On average the person can have from twenty to hundred birthmarks. During life their quantity and also form and coloring can change.

Human body birthmarks cause ambiguous reaction. They decorate someone, being peculiar highlight. Someone is spoiled, especially when appear on face and have the considerable sizes.

If you wish to get rid of the body birthmarks, then at first it is necessary to be examined by the doctor. It is connected with the fact that emergence of nevus can be reaction to the processes proceeding in organism. It is possible that it is only cosmetic effect and nothing terrible during removal will occur, but the doctor after inspection of organism will be able to tell it to you.

Reasons of emergence of birthmarks

  • Birthmarks often appear under the influence of hormones. During hormonal splashes in organism melanin in large number is produced. It influences pigmentation and on body spots are shown.
  • The awkward age at children can become the reason of splash in hormones. During this period the birthmarks can both appear from behind "games of hormones", and to disappear. Also normal phenomenon can be considered when birthmarks at the teenager change form and the size.
  • For the same reason, when hormones are guilty of emergence of birthmarks, birthmarks appear during pregnancy.
  • Emergence of birthmarks in the person quite often is hereditary. We receive DNA from our parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, and information put in them can affect also us. Often at brothers and sisters the birthmarks appear in the same places.
  • The nevus can appear on skin after acceptance of solar bathtubs. Sunlight favorably affects production of melanin thanks to which birthmarks appear. For the same reason you should not be surprised if pigmentation of skin has amplified after sunbed.
  • The postponed diseases can be the cause of emergence of birthmark on human body. Various injuries, viruses, stings of insects can leave the print on skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team