Why there are extensions

Why there are extensions

(or striya) - the damage of skin representing result of healing of microruptures of elastic and collagenic fibers. They are shown in the form of superficial thin white or small scars of light pink color and also the big longitudinal burgundy-blue hems over time gaining light color.

Most often extensions are formed on breast, stomach, buttocks and hips during pregnancy and during fast increase in body weight. However quite often they can be observed at teenagers and athletes at sharp change of weight. For emergence of striya not of rather common mechanical stretching of skin. Gaps turn out or as a result of bad elasticity of integuments, or owing to violation of processes of restoration of fabrics.

The most common cause of emergence of extensions the hormonal imbalance in organism is considered (for example, at teenage age when there is rapid change of adrenal glands and ovaries, production of hormones doubles). Pregnancy during which the hormonal cycle, and together with it structure of skin, shape of mammary glands, stomach and hips changes is other example.

Quite often striya are formed as a result of individual or hereditary predisposition of the woman to completeness. In the latter case hems can be present at body of mother, elder sister and other family members. Emergence of striya can be caused not only hormonal differences in organism. Among the similar reasons such diseases as syndrome of Cushing at which work of adrenal glands is broken are noted. Increase in amount of the hormones emitted by them can indicate tumor. Also with the advent of extensions violations of functions of endocrine system are connected. Such phenomena have to cause in you feeling of concern and need of the request for consultation to the doctor. Availability of extensions on body – the serious problem speaking about the changes affecting all layers of skin and bringing to the woman the mass of esthetic dissatisfaction. Striya in itself are not dangerous. However the reasons of their emergence need to be specified. If formation of extensions is followed by increase in arterial blood pressure, change of body weight, emergence of hair in the face, breast and spin, on a visit in hospital you should not tighten.

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