Why thin wrists are considered as sign of beauty, sexuality, femininity?

Why thin wrists are considered as sign of beauty, sexuality, femininity?

Graceful female hands were always considered as sign of aristocratism and refinement. The brittle and narrow wrist on which the elegant bracelet is dressed excited male consciousness at all times. It is considered that such shape of hands says that their owner not just distinguished nature, but also belongs to the highest estate.

Narrow wrists and proiskhozhdeniyev the people say that if it is possible to clasp without effort wrist index and big with fingers, the bone really thin means. This sign characterizes asthenic type of figure and combines a number of differences - narrow palms, the extended fingers, thin ankles and wrists. Such structure of brushes says that their owner is most often inclined to neurotic warehouse of character, and has thin sincere structure. Today thin wrists and proud gait are still considered as worthy decoration of the woman.

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Graceful hands of young noblewomen were such because wearisome physical activity on economy it was unknown. Heavy homework to them was not charged. For milking of cows, spinning of yarn, haymakings and cleaning of rooms there were maids whose hands were more massive and rough. Playing grand pianos and cross stitching did not give due loading and therefore bones of noble maidens developed insufficiently. But this fact does not mean at all that it is universal all boyars were astenik. Then even aristocrats served in guard that was reflected in the name – Noble Guard. Though, according to historians and doctors, aristocrats had thin and brittle bones only because of morbidity. This illness arose at the gene level because of incest therefore they looked emaciated and rachitic. Physicians consider sign of excellent health wide bones and well developed genital functions of peasants, and the secret of it is in incest which the society was not able to afford that nothing to dilute the blue blood. Sexuality and krasotapo to data of numerous polls, men prefer women with distinguished wrists, including them more womanly and sexual. And if at the same time the subject of their adoration possesses still narrow waist and thin ankles, then the sexuality is not subject to any doubt at all. The above-stated features of the building directly demonstrate noble origin and femininity of the owner, its hidden abilities, vulnerable and creative nature.

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Today most of girls is capable to emphasize skillfully refinement and beauty of the hands. Extravagant jewelry, stylish accessories and intricate tattoos are used. Gracefully and sexually several threads of gold chains with pendants of multi-colored enamel look on narrow female wrists. The fashionable bracelet in the form of leather thong with metal inserts twisting brittle maiden hand will look even more effectively. For strengthening of effect of sexuality it is enough to dress the streaming evening dress with open shoulders or just stylish to sprain sleeves of office clothes.

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