Appearance of the businessman

Appearance of the businessman

The phrase that meet on clothes became hackneyed and uninteresting long ago. Nevertheless, the appearance of the person always was and will be his business card. However, also current is also a problem of those who do not know what is a business type of clothes. The strict suit is not always necessary to the place at meetings without ties, and summer shirts will be to taste surrounding not at each business meeting. What it, type of the businessman? The answer to this question will help to solve a set of problems.

Business appearance – what it represents?

First of all, business people with whom people around want to interact are distinguished from the others by such traits of character as accuracy, organization, commitment and ability to appreciate personal and others' time. And manifestation of an internal core, is always reflected in clothes. The neatness and accuracy – such appearance of the businessman is the key to a good impression. At the same time the untidy, wrinkled, and even dirty clothes are associated with forgetfulness, excess vanity and unreliability at once. Not to become an object from the second category, it is worth remembering what types of official style exist today.

Regardless of sex the nuances which concern business clothes are uniform for all. Each company or firm dictates the rules of a dress code in working hours. However in the nature there are only two types:

  1. Conservative dress code. This style is characterized by unity of rules for all staff of the company and does not accept exceptions. Suits, blouses, socks and even buttons have to match the admissible colors strictly. This style is obligatory for those who hold negotiations out of office, and the coloring in most cases is corporate.
  2. Contact dress code. Such style is suitable for meetings with colleagues more in time off. For example, on solemn evenings and other not formal actions. The main principle – observance of a framework of decency and elegance. Strict suits and shirts can be replaced with loose pants with blouses without jacket. Women can make brighter make-up and to add various accessories to the image.

In the business environment it is worth following the rules of a conservative dress code. For representatives of different floors of the requirement naturally will be different.

How does the business man have to look?

The most acceptable attribute of clothes of the modern businessman is the suit. This classical dress code will always be relevant. However, there are also such fine details of men's clothes as a vest, a belt and socks. As it is correct to combine them to create an image of the businessman:

  • length of trousers has to be such slightly to go down on footwear in front and to reach prior to the beginning of a heel of shoes behind;
  • the most preferable type of a jacket – English, i.e. classical. It has two vents behind and gives to elegance in any pose, independently there is a man or sits;
  • if the man puts on a vest, then it is worth remembering that it cannot be too short. The shirt and a belt should not be visible;
  • nylon and knitted shirts in business clothes extremely are not recommended. Also it is impossible to put on under a jacket a shirt with a short sleeve;
  • the collar of a shirt has to be on one or one and a half centimeters above a voronik of a jacket;
  • the belt is not combined with braces in any way. It is necessary to put on something one;
  • socks irrespective of a type of a suit have to be in tone. White and too long are inadmissible.

Some more councils for various situations: it is better to put on light suits in the afternoon, and dark in the evening. At any official meeting it is better for clasped to wear a jacket. It is possible to undo buttons at a solemn banquet or in theater. Also in an arsenal of any man there have to be two handkerchiefs. One – in a trouser pocket, and another – in an inside pocket of a jacket.

Type of the business woman

And now we will talk about how the business woman has to look. Representatives of a fine half have more choice in styles and types of material for clothes. The main thing is a compliance of an image to a situation in which there is a lady. So, several words about what has to be a type of the business woman:

  • if it is about a business suit, it is worth remembering that here the jacket with a skirt or trousers belongs. Treat shades of business color black, gray, blue, beige, blue-green and olive. As addition is allowed a tie, a scarf or a scarf;
  • blouses have to be bed tones, and polo-necks and pullovers – monophonic. The second type of clothes is best of all combined with a vest.
  • business dresses are well combined with a jacket. The same color scale, as at business suits;
  • shoes have to be from opaque skin, and the heel is not higher than an average. At the same time noses practically have to be always closed;
  • invariable attributes of official style of the woman – a make-up and a hairstyle. Hair have to be in perfect tune, are tidied up so that to remove shortcomings and to emphasize the dignity of the person. The make-up has to be accurate and not striking. Use of tone means, powders, a contour is acceptable for eyes and soft shadows. Color of lipstick is not of particular importance.

And some more councils: magnificent dresses are not put on in the afternoon. The suit dress will be the best replacement. It is more preferable to blondes to put on clothes of blue color, and to brunettes – yellow. For those at whom the pink shade of face skin most of all will approach white color. And black color is capable to absorb gloss of other flowers.