Business at home, the ideas for men - production

Business at home, the ideas for men - production

The ideas of business or production are interesting to men by low cost at home. I.e. it is possible to organize the business without considerable initial investments or even at all from scratch. However in this case there are also some restrictions which need to be considered.

The idea for new business - cultivation of small fishes and production of live forages

In the conditions of housing in an apartment house of the ideas of the organization of production for small business not so there is a lot of as it is necessary to consider the small areas, presence of neighbors, etc. Mini-production of live forages and cultivation of small fishes – the excellent business idea as for its realization only one room under aquariums suffices. One more considerable good point – simplicity of product sales (small fishes, live forages, seaweed) in any pet-shop.

Before starting business idea realization, the beginning businessman should study supply and demand on small fishes and forages in pet-shops, to get aquariums and other equipment, to prepare the room (to darken, establish lamps, devices for creation of a certain microclimate, etc.). As for species of small fishes, experts do not advise to choose those which with ease breed – usually any aquarian has them and their cost is small. Are undesirable as well exotic small fishes – they can die or not give posterities.

The ideas for medium business - production of photo souvenir

Photo souvenir are circles, t-shirts, badges, magnetics, albums, packages and they are are always very demanded. Such things buy for birthdays, weddings, corporate actions therefore this business, undoubtedly, will have no shortcoming of orders.

The production technology of photo souvenir for realization of this business idea does not demand the huge room, but one room in this case it is hardly possible to manage. The space for clean preparations for souvenirs will be required and also – under printers and consumables. Besides, it is desirable that access to the apartment was simple (the first floor, a separate entrance) since it is necessary to distribute orders often.

The idea of production for small business – weaving from a rod

Creation of beautiful products from a rod – a widespread hobby. But this hobby can quite bring also income, having become the idea of production for small business. In the conditions of the apartment or the house this idea is quite feasible, but places it will be required much. Conditionally production room needs to be divided into 4 zones: actually the place for weaving, the place of storage of a rod, varnish and other materials and tools, the place of storage of finished products and a paint and varnish zone. The last zone needs to be equipped separately from the others and to equip with good ventilation.

Profitability of this business is rather big since the main material – the rod – is made independently. It is possible to study weaving from a rod by means of special literature or video lessons. At the beginning it is worth developing production of small products – baskets, vases, trays, then it is possible to pass to larger and expensive home decoration – chairs, chairs, etc.

What are still popular the ideas of new business and production for men at home?

Production of a biohumus. The biohumus is a natural fertilizer which production does not demand big expenses. The place is much not necessary for such production, but it is desirable to use the heated shed. In the production room it is necessary to establish boxes with mix of the earth and leaves in which earthworms are started. Factory of a biohumus needs periodically to be watered, it is the best of all – by drop infusion. The ready biohumus is sifted by means of a sieve and packed.

Production of products from a tree. The mini-plant on production of products from a tree should be organized with skills of work with this material. In that case it is possible to make difficult products, for example, carved caskets, decorative boards. If there are no such abilities, it is possible to buy woodworking machines and to make shanks for shovels and other tool.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team