Highly paid professions are features of top managers, traders, marketing specialists and other specialties

Highly paid professions are features of top managers, traders, marketing specialists and other specialties

The person works to have means of livelihood. Much want that there was enough earned money not only for maintenance of the comfortable standard of living, but also remained in a stock. Highly paid professions change a little every year, however top trends are traced not one decade.

The highest paid professions

When choosing a course of life the seniors face a large amount of difficulties. Some decide to go on the checked scenario and actively study the TOP of highly paid professions, choosing specialty to themselves to liking from there. In such approach there is a sensible grain. This year the highest paid professions can be met in the different industries from what the choice suitable for the specific entrant considerably becomes simpler.

In lists with big salaries appear:

  • top managers or top managers;
  • IT specialists;
  • Internet marketing specialists;
  • specialists in cryptocurrencies;
  • traders;
  • gene engineers;
  • insurance actuaries;
  • oil industry workers;
  • pilots;
  • logisticians;
  • doctors;
  • auditors;
  • lawyers;
  • accountants.

Top manager

To be the head was prestigiously and monetary at all times. The highest paid professions in the world in any ratings are top managers. Most directors of the banks and companies working in the sphere of the heavy industry receive. In world practice in a year of salary of such directors fluctuate around $1-1.5 million. However it is not simple to achieve such heights:

  1. The modern head has to have quality higher education and constantly increase the skills including gaining prestigious diplomas, for example MBA.
  2. Such head without fail knows several foreign languages, approximately at the level of the carrier.
  3. Has solid experience including on more lowest leading positions.
  4. Works approximately on 12-14 h a day, in the intense schedule of difficult transactions, negotiations and other. Resistance to stress and time-management at directors are on the ball.

IT specialist

Due to the universal computerization in labor market demand for the qualified IT specialists constantly grows. It is practically the highest paid profession in the sphere of computer technologies in which there are a lot of young workers. However there are not enough experts with high qualification nevertheless yet why the companies of different level are ready to pay the suitable candidate approximately of $1000 a month. However, to apply for high salary, the applicant has to:

  1. To have the finished higher profile education.
  2. Know several programming languages.
  3. To have certificates of the large world companies, for example, of Microsoft.
  4. To understand thoroughly the principles of work in certain directions, whether it be computer safety or development of new software.


Among rather new specialties lately come to the vacancy forefront, connected with work at the exchange. Traders are intermediaries between sellers and buyers of financial instruments (stocks, futures, currencies, oil, wheat and so on) which earn from a difference between purchase and sale price. They are among the most demanded and highly paid professions in the world several years because:

  1. The level of income of the trader is not limited and depends mostly on the level of his knowledge and professional competences.
  2. Highly paid professions at the exchange not always demand a binding to the concrete place of work and allow to work by means of simple phone or the tablet everywhere.
  3. There is a constant opportunity to study and develop.
  4. There is no need to have the large initial capital for start.

Pilot of civil aviation

Millions of passengers use air transport worldwide. People constantly fly by planes on work to have a rest or meet close people. From it demanded and highly paid professions by all means join the pilot of civil aviation. Such person is obliged:

  1. To bring passengers and cargoes along the planned route.
  2. To make decisions in case of emergency situations and emergencies.

The specialty is suitable for brave, resolute and stress-resistant men. Female pilots meet too, however in this sphere it is rather an exception, than the rule. High requirements to candidates are compensated with a worthy level of earnings about $130 thousand a year. Income depends on education, experience and level of the company in which the pilot gets a job.

Internet marketing specialist

Other demanded specialization which appeared in connection with universal distribution of the Internet is the Internet marketing specialist. This is the professional who promotes goods and services on social networks, on profile portals and other platforms of a world wide web. The Internet marketing specialist got to the TOP of the highest paid professions for a wide range of duties:

  1. The analysis of the sales markets and target audiences buying a product or service.
  2. Organization of advertizing campaigns.
  3. Tracking traffic and efficiency of the taken measures for advance.
  4. Management of funny experts, whether it be SEO or SMM managers, E-mail marketing specialists.

In highly paid the Internet of a profession, specialists in advance in a world wide web are included practically in all world rankings, advertizing habitual to all loses the influence. The satiety of the person information forces the companies to look for new ways of sale of the products. They are ready to pay the staff of department of internet marketing from $780 in month for it.

Gene engineer

There are specialties quite clear and familiar to much with the high level of the salary which are demanded practically in any firm, and there are also so-called professions of the future which very quickly become a reality. In lists of what profession the most demanded and highly paid in the short term, always appears the gene engineer.

This is the employee of research laboratories who is engaged in changes in structure of DNA of animals and plants. New grades of vegetables and fruit with the increased productivity or new tastes increased by safety become result of its work. The gene engineer is included in interesting and highly paid professions for a combination of creativity and new scientific developments in daily work. On average such expert in the world receives about $90 thousand.

Oil engineer

The mankind constantly develops in the sphere of genetic engineering and computer technologies, however production and processing of minerals, as well as many years ago, does not lose the relevance. Oil engineers whose salary can reach $70 thousand a year constantly enter the rating of the highest paid professions. Such expert is engaged in the fact that:

  1. Finds new fields of natural minerals: oil and gas.
  2. Develops an algorithm of production and processing of the found resources.
  3. "Puts in order" territories in which the works are completed.

Engineers of mining industry are highly paid professions for men, quite often it is necessary to work in difficult climatic conditions at fields. Though some experts quite successfully carry out the duties by means of specialized computer programs at themselves at office therefore in the industry also women meet.

Specialist in cryptocurrencies

Absolutely new and perspective area of work, appeared quite recently, work with cryptocurrencies is. These are digital currencies which are created and controlled on the basis of cryptographic methods. The specialist in cryptocurrencies is included in the list of highly paid professions not only on the fact that the salary of the professional can reach $120 thousand a year. The qualified personnel capable to create difficult algorithms and to operate them catastrophically is not enough because of novelty and prospects of the industry.

Insurance actuary

Among profitable specialties in the sphere of insurance actuaries appear. These are people who on the basis of actuarial calculations develop reasonable insurance tariffs, define financial reserves of insurance companies and estimate appeal of investment projects. Such expert has to have the higher mathematical or economic education and the special certificate of Federal service on insurance supervision. Actuaries entered the rating of highly paid professions rather recently with the average salary of about $1200 in month.

Logistics specialists

Any rating of a highly paid profession in the world is inconceivable without logisticians. These professionals are necessary for any company, they:

  1. Will organize optimum delivery of products and its warehousing.
  2. Develop favorable schemes of deliveries with the minimum expenses.
  3. Analyze the market of transport services.
  4. Carry out necessary calculations and conclude bargains with new partners.

Logistics specialists without fail get higher education in the state and private higher educational institutions. However in this sphere not only theoretical knowledge, but also experience, existence of the developed picture of transport transportations in the head and ability to analyze this market are important. Heads of departments of logistics receive about $50 thousand a year.

Work as the doctor

For centuries-old history the medicine never left a pedestal of profitable specialties. To become dear and highly paid doctor, the medical student needs to pass not less than 7 years of training in institute. Then still all life to study, to develop and confirm the qualification. The highest paid professions for girls and young men in medicine are:

  1. Surgery. The complex industry with constant stresses which in the world are compensated by a high income in several hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
  2. Stomatology. Here both treatment, and prosthetics of teeth belongs.
  3. Psychotherapy. With progressing of quantity of mental disorders at modern people also demand for the qualified doctors capable to diagnose them increases and to adjust.
  4. Gynecology. Prevention, diagnosing and treatment of diseases of a female reproductive system it is relevant as for little girls, and women aged. Highly paid female professions in medical lists often open the gynecologist.
  5. Anesthesiology. The specialist in an anesthesia is the first who begins to work with the patient directly during operation. The complexity and responsibility of specialty dictate high compensation.

Work as the auditor

In the rating of given above what highly paid professions in any sphere, the auditor surely appears. This is the expert who checks documentation of any enterprise: accounting and other financial and tax reports. Such shots control activity of any firm, find out specifics of its work, check correctness of financial statements and legality of actions of the company in the environment of taxation. The income of the popular specialist in audit can reach $30 thousand a year.

Work as the accountant

One more profitable profession which is familiar to all is the accounting. Both large corporations, and representatives of small business need services of such professional. Highly paid professions for girls and guys in department of accounts department are capable to bring to $20 thousand depending on qualification of the employee, his experience, ability to interact closely with a large number of adjacent experts including directors.

Work as the lawyer

The companies and individuals regularly resort to services of the experienced lawyer therefore the professional can work in the state or work "for themselves". This highly paid work was appreciated at all times, it is necessary to have the good lawyer always also, as well as the doctor. The professional lawyer helps to prepare all necessary documents according to requirements of the legislation in case of merge of large corporations or sale of the private house, for example. In disputable situations advocates the interests of the representative in court. The income of the lawyer starts with a mark of $10 thousand a year.