How to attract buyers in shop?

How to attract buyers in shop?

In each district of the city the supermarkets are multiplied as mushrooms after a rain. How to attract more buyers in shop in the conditions of fierce competition — a question on which serious marketing specialists, designers, PR managers work. The main objective of this work is not just to make so that the visitor came into supermarket, but also returned here again and also became the free advertizing agent of this place.

The modern supermarket is the accurately thought over structure constructed taking into account psychology of the buyer. All matters: location of shops, music, design of the rooms issued in certain color scale, and even the smells attracting buyers. Any trifle has to tune the person into shopping.

Four steps on a meeting to buyers

Process of involvement of buyers in shop can be broken into several steps.

  1. Choice of the location of supermarket. The shop opened at busy intersections near large transport hubs, for example, at the station or the airport will be the most profitable. With a question of involvement of buyers in such shop of problems will never be.
  2. Even if your shop is open in the place through passage, it does not mean yet that one> time the visitors who came here will become buyers and will return again and again. Therefore the owner of the sales outlet has to carry out the analysis of the market, learn more about competitors, decide on target audience, win loyalty of clients.
  3. The loyalty of buyers is based on emotions, but not on reason in any way. Therefore for registration of supermarkets the leading designers who create indoors the atmosphere of slackness, harmony and good mood are attracted today. All tools are used. On the basis of psychological researches concerning what color and a smell attract buyers, any given kolor for registration of rooms and also the correct air freshener is selected. Exclusively polite and friendly staff of shop trained how to draw attention of the buyer to goods, create mood for shopping and dispose to that the visitor came into supermarket more and more time.

All buyers conditionally are divided into 5 types. The owner of supermarket has to develop a strategy how to involve representatives of everyone.

  • the new buyers who — are curious, who learned about the sales outlet from advertizing. For their attraction and deduction as regular customers the general positive spirit of the place, the rich range, professionalism of consultants is used;
  • potential buyers — people who buy goods in shops of competitors. For their attraction the effective sign, advertizing in media, information on discounts, actions and discounts, that is any courses which will be let know to the buyer that to this supermarket it is more favorable to it to go, than to next is created;
  • buyers without special preferences. To these people all the same where to buy goods: in this supermarket or next. Ways of involvement of buyers of this category in shop in general such, as well as the methods working for visitors of the two first groups. It is important to them to show that other things being equal it is more convenient to buy goods exactly here because in this supermarket there are more discounts, sellers are more competent, the range, etc. is wider;
  • loyal buyers. These are people who look forward to opening of new shop, and then with pleasure start walking to do shopping there and also work as free advertizing. For them it is important to create a positive emotional background that pendulum did not shake in other party once;
  • regular customers. Discounts, discounts and individual approach will make a positive impression of the place at people.

The question how to attract buyers in shop? is the whole science. In modern supermarket everything, from the color attracting buyers to the waiter in cafe works for the same purpose: to force the person to buy goods.