How to attract referrals?

How to attract referrals?

Rather widespread way of earnings on the Internet today – partner programs. Income size here directly depends on the number of participants - referrals which the specific person managed to attract and force to work for himself. But before those who would like to begin to get profit in such a way steadily there is a question how to attract referrals. There are several checked and effective methods.

How to attract referrals according to the reference?

The address to friends and acquaintances will be the simplest solution how quickly to attract referrals. It is possible to make it by e-mail or social networks. It is known that to each participant of the partner program the reference to his page according to which on it and referrals have to get is given. And it can be sent friends, having asked to participate and to invite acquaintances. In social networks all people who are in the list of contacts can make special mailing and also to visit the page of each friend and to send the reference to their subscribers. This way is rather effective, friends will hardly deny assistance, especially, when from them only it is required to click the link. But, perhaps, some acquaintances will react negatively to your attempts with it something to impose, and you risk to lose their arrangement. Besides, all the same there will be not enough referrals attracted in such way. It is necessary to use more methods.

Where still it is possible to attract referrals?

To continue to look for participants for the project it is possible in various places:

  • in the same social networks it is possible will pay attention to groups on placement of announcements of search of remote work; it is possible to leave the reference in a subject where look for performers;
  • also in social network it is possible to publish the reference in group where place announcements of any other subject or where it is authorized to do it directly on a wall of community; but consider that moderators can quickly remove it, and to send you to the ban;
  • it is better to pay attention to specialized forums and blogs for search of referrals; here placement of references, on the contrary, is welcomed, but the competition high therefore your announcement can pass unnoticed;
  • it is possible to advertize in involvement of partners on free electronic boards;
  • it is possible to place the reference and on any other resources where it can be done freely, but it will hardly hang there long – moderators, usually, quickly clean such posts as garbage;
  • it is worth also trying to post announcements on the job search websites with the offer on receiving stable income.

It should be noted that all above-stated ways will work provided that you will manage to make correctly the announcement that the person became interested and by all means wanted to follow the link. The text has to be bright and clinging, informative or, on the contrary, in it has to be information minimum, but it has to intrigue, tighten.

How to attract many referrals in other ways?

There are also many ways how to attract referrals in the project about which not everyone knows. For example, it is possible to make the own website on which homepage it is detailed to paint what benefits of people will receive from participation in a partnerka. It is also possible to attract referrals by means of paid mailing of letters or just to buy participants, having used services of special resources which offer services of this sort. One more effective ways – contextual advertizing which automatically is placed on the resources registered in a system. The truth it is necessary to spend for it too, but such investment most often quickly pays off.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team