How to become the copywriter?

How to become the copywriter?

On one known saying of Pliny the Elder of Nulla dies sine linea or Not a day without a line article about how to become the copywriter could and be finished. Though, of course, that the picture turned out absolutely full, it would be possible to add ten more - another of aphorisms. But instead of using thoughts of other people, let's create own. About copywriting and copywriters who went to freelance from boring offices it is possible to write the whole book, and even not one, but in this article we will only be limited to a question: C what to begin?.

Before becoming the good copywriter, the true texts specialist, it is necessary to practice much. It is desirable, to write every day, to look for the style and to penetrate into an essence of copywriter business. Hard in the doctrine — it is easy in fight, it is not a method of work for the copywriter. Comprehending this science in the theory, you, most likely, will just waste time. The doctrine on the course of fight — here our method. It is ideal if at once there is a customer who will pay you little money for your texts. As a rule, customers who agree to work with beginners pay really not much, however as compensation they offer useful tips to the copywriter beginner and training in business. You should not neglect them the help and at once to demand the large fees.

How many hours a day you are ready to give to writing articles? Decide on this question, customers of texts love responsible copywriters. If you definitely do not know what will be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow how it is possible to undertake obligations to execute article to a certain term?

If you resolved for yourself I want to become a copywriter, then seize at least basic tools of the copywriter:

  • by ten-manual method of set. To write article with two fingers — itself is more expensive. For the copywriter to type the text with a thought speed — the same as for the swimmer to be able to hold the breath;
  • perfect literacy. Of course, the Word wonderful program will come to the rescue of you where all mistakes will be allocated krasnenky and green. But on their correction precious time which you could spend for work with the following article will leave.

How many does the copywriter earn?

Certainly, the question how many the copywriter earns interests all? First very little. There is even a probability that before becoming the professional copywriter, the first several articles should be written free of charge. But in exchange you can receive invaluable criticism and also, perhaps, the publication of the works. And it is the first step to creation of own portfolio. As soon as you feel that you understood a copywriting essence, found the style and received enough a praise for the work from customers — it is possible to raise the prices of texts of your authorship. And even to become the copywriter-freelancer — the person who works only for himself.

Of course, still it is necessary to grow to the professional's level, and time, belief in the forces for this purpose is required, the talent spark is a lot of practice and, of course.