How to conduct an interview?

How to conduct an interview?

Most of full age people at least once in life had an interview for work. Each candidate is nervous and worries before a meeting with the employer, prepares in advance, tries to foresee all tricky questions. However not only the applicant, but also the employer prepares for a meeting. Because the question as it is correct to conduct an interview only at first sight seems simple.

The HR specialist on a holiday or on the sick-list, and to you charged to conduct an interview with the candidate? At first sight, it is a task not so difficult, however will depend on you: the employee for work will get to your company or not. And that the short conversation was the most productive, you should carry out serious work, being prepared for an interview.

Before conducting an interview, be prepared, look at duty regulations. That is, if you for the first time conduct an interview for work, you have to represent at least to what position the candidate came to settle and what duties in the company he will carry out. If it is not the classified information, then look what salary to the expert the organization is ready to pay. Learn about requirements to the candidate for a position:

  • necessary skills;
  • experience at a similar position;
  • age;
  • education;
  • personal qualities (resistance to stress, punctuality, for example).

Also at a preparation stage before conducting an interview with the candidate, study his summary. Otherwise you should find out all necessary information in the course of the conversation, and it can stretch for a long time.

One of the major points in the course of preparation for how effectively to conduct an interview is a preparation of questions to the candidate. Make them for yourself previously, and let you will have them before eyes. Ask the applicant better open questions which begin with the words that, where, when, who, as, why, etc. Otherwise candidates for work will can on questions in monosyllables: yes or no.

How competently to conduct an interview?

Enters a task of the interviewer get to talking the candidate. Therefore it is better to begin a conversation on an informal note. It is possible to specify how quickly the person reached office, what first impressions about the company, etc. However, behaving as much as possible friendly, you conduct an interview on strictly according to a certain plan.

Be surely presented as you want that addressed you: on a name or a name middle name. Call the position in the company, it is possible even to exchange business cards. If you see that the person worries and therefore he behaves is held down, try to relieve the tension, the more comfortably the candidate will feel, the more honestly and more stoutly he will answer the questions posed.

One of secrets of how it is correct to conduct an interview, consists in examination at the interlocutor of details. For example, asking it about the career biography and the previous places of work, you should not be limited only to the list of positions and transfer of the companies. Learn what work he had to perform on each place of what professional achievements he could brag that came easily, and that not really. If the interlocutor begins to tell about disagreement in collective, specify on whose it was to the party who, in his opinion, was right, etc. That is while you will conduct an interview, questions to the candidate have to be raised in exclusively open way. That he could give on them most developed answers.

It is better to finish an interview on a positive note. Tell the candidate who, how and when you will contact him to notify on the final decision.

Further the interviewer should or most make the decision on reception of the employee or refusal to it from the place, or to provide all information on the applicant to the expert of HR. Surely systematize the received data, analyze as far as the applicant conforms to requirements of the company. Do not forget to take into account and that fact what impression was made on you by the candidate for a position.