How to earn from stocks and securities?

How to earn from stocks and securities?

During crisis the people grab any earnings, and the question how to earn from stocks and securities and whether it is worth trying interests many.

It seems, it is so simple: sit at the computer, think over options – and all type top who was nothing, that will become everything. In sense who was a clerk will become millionaires. For some reason it seems to nobody strange the fact that at such simplicity of enrichment we in the country as, however, and in any other, there is a lot of clerks, and have not enough millionaires.

The question how many it is possible to earn from actions interests many. There are two possible options.

  1. The first. Real trade. You come and take shares of some open joint stock company. Sometimes it is possible to receive dividends, is not present more often. But actions can increase in value, and they will manage to be sold and earned.
  2. The second. Speculative. In fact nothing needs to be bought, and kind of to take on credit and for a while. Actions grew in price – it is possible to get profit. Fell – means, the money is lost. Both to get, and it is possible to lose much more, than in the first case: you are given more actions, than it is possible to pay, on credit kind of.

How to earn from actions on the Internet?

Simple sense. You find the broker (online), he provides entry into the exchange and the special program showing stock quotations. Also the program training is provided how to earn money on actions. You take some shares and further act with them: you sell, again you buy also other. If you the born financier, guess when actions change in the price, and make the necessary transactions. Profit remains on a deposit. Income can be 7-10% a month. The brokerage firm from them takes 0.08%. Only not in a month, and for one transaction (!) and how many you scroll them in a month – depends on you.

The more enclose money, the profit is more. That profit which you see on the computer screen. And it is good it in a pocket! And in a pocket you receive much less (if at all receive) because will hold % of the broker, % of the exchange, service of depositary, income tax, money transfer in bank, cashing in … Somewhere all pleasant tsiferka left and seed capital decreased. And everything is honest, all good fellows, well work, and you worked wonderfully well, the whole month, hours staring in the monitor. Of course, if you invest a lot of money and will speculate very successfully on the Stock Exchange, after all receive something. Whether there is only this sum of such efforts? And nobody is guilty: such system.