How to open beer shop from scratch?

How to open beer shop from scratch?

In Europe, including in the countries of the former Soviet Union there is a considerable number of amateur people of beer. And here shops which sell not just tasty, but quality drink not so much. And it means that thinking of how from scratch to open beer shop, you make a powerful contribution to development of this business.

What is necessary to open beer shop – the main documents

To open beer shop, it is necessary to have the following documents:

  • the registered cash register;
  • allowing documents from the fire station;
  • final documents from the sanepidemiologichesky station;
  • the document confirming that you are a business owner or the legal entity.
  • labor contracts with workers which have service records;
  • license for alcohol sale.

How to open beer shop on a flood?

  1. Room. The territory of 40 sq.m will be the most optimal variant of the room under beer shop, at the same time the warehouse occupies about 10 sq.m, and the trading floor – 20 sq.m. If you rent the room in shopping center, then there will be only 10 sq.m. for all shop enough. Besides, it is important not to forget that in the hall there has to be The consumer's corner. And if to speak about more detailed placement of this enterprise of retail trade, then it should not be near educational institutions, medical institutions. In addition, not the most ideal option – shop in a house. Cases when drinking of beer drinks in the yard led to conflict situations of residents of this house were repeatedly recorded.
  2. Equipment. It can be bought or leased. It is necessary to buy the cooler maintaining beer +5 temperature. Its cost reaches 300 c.u. It is better to reject option I will save on the cooler at once – unless it will be pleasant to client to drink warm beer? Not less important equipment is the fridge, cylinders with gas, keg, a reducer (supports pressure in a cylinder), a beer hose, a beer column, the beer crane, a counter and, at last, is resistant on which razlivochny cranes will be installed.
  3. Interior. Of course, creativity in creation of design of a pothouse is welcomed, but after all it is important to make a start from the standards which are fallen in love and recognized as many, interiors of the Irish and Czech pub long ago. To shop will give to special stylishness the muffled light and high bar stools.
  4. Range of beer. If there is a wish that business existed not one year, experts recommend to trade in not less than 7 grades of beer. Surely has to be dark and light. Besides, highlight of an institution can be made drinks like cider, cherry beer. Besides it is useful to add nonfiltered beer to the range. Sale of tasty snack will become additional plus. It will play your advantage, and then clients will not go to shop behind beer, and having remembered that in your shop there are quality drinks and incredibly appetizing fish, croutons, seafood and other, will surely glance in a pothouse after the unlucky working day.

Whether it is favorable to open beer shop?

With what to begin business, so it with calculations how many will leave finance to open beer shop. So, the average cost of outlet, including the ready customer base, will be about 4,000 c.u. Besides, to buy the first lot of beer, it will be necessary to lay out about 800 c.u. Proceeding from this information, each businessman himself solves whether there will be favorable to him a start of such business. It is worth remembering that such shops are very popular and clients are here always.