How to open car service?

How to open car service?

It is worth choosing the business idea from the sphere of the interests – perhaps therefore such idea seems to many men such attractive how to open car service. This quite profitable occupation, but for a start it is worth dealing with all subtleties.

Whether it is favorable to open car service?

If you want to be engaged in car service, you have to be the experienced handicraftsman. Otherwise your workers can deceive you, repair poor that it will be perniciously obvious to affect your reputation and advance.

It is favorable to open car service if you have all necessary knowledge and you have some starting capital. For opening it is necessary to register SP or Ltd company only.

How much is to open car service?

At the initial stage you need to buy the equipment, it is desirable to rent the room in the convenient location where there are no similar enterprises or a little. If you plan to open mounting, $8-12 thousand are required, the small car service costs $35-50 thousand, and here spacious, large car service - $130-150 thousand. Consider, a lot of things depend on your region: the closer to the capital, the more expensively, and the farther from it, the cheaper.

By the way, mounting brings to the owner from $. 0.7 thousand, and car service – from $4,000 indefinitely (especially if it is network of car services).

What is necessary to open car service?

Before opening the business car service, it is worth not only hammering together seed capital and to make the business plan, but to carefully consider all subsequent steps. And it is also necessary to make much:

Place in the sun

Choosing floor space, try to settle down closer to highways, garage complexes, gas station, but at the same time so that nearby there was no too big congestion of the similar enterprises. SES will not allow you to open service near a house or a reservoir and also indoors, not having the sewerage, a water eyeliner. Option two – or you acquire ready business, or will convert the room.

Choice of a vector

There is a lot of types of car services, it is also worth deciding on what work you will undertake at once. Before opening car service from scratch in a garage, it is worth learning what services your city needs. Usually body repair and mounting are the most demanded.

All the rest - a trick: hiring of responsibles, including accountant secretary, mechanics, the coming cleaner. Do not forget about advertizing and dissemination of information among your acquaintances. To open car service not and it is difficult, the main thing is to trust in the forces!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team