How to open drugstore?

How to open drugstore?

What will people need at all times? In food, clothes and medicines. Having relied on one of three listed types of business, the businessman will never burn through. Of course, if does not take any unjustified steps. For this reason we decided to devote this material to a question how to open drugstore.

Trade in drugs — the specific type of business demanding respect for a large amount of nuances. But also financial return from own drugstore or pharmacy chain is very high, drugs are things necessary and at the same time expensive. If all of you still doubt whether it is favorable to open drugstore, then we will tell that the margin on medicines in certain cases reaches 40%. And if to consider that the cost of drugs is often estimated in the four-, five-digit sums, then consider how many you can enclose in goods and how many receive.

How much is to open drugstore?

The price question, as a rule, is corner when choosing any given type of business. Opening of drugstore — business not from the cheapest. If you reflect how to open drugstore in the village, then it is worth preparing about 50,000 c.u. on opening and promotion in advance. And here before starting opening of private drugstore in the city, prepare about 200,000 c.u.

What is necessary to open drugstore?

First of all it is necessary to take care of the room that it satisfied to norms of SES (floors are warmed, on window leaves and windows — grids, repairs are made at least once a year) and it was located in the place through passage. Further the equipment which it is possible either to buy ready, or to make to order is bought. The third stage — employment of skilled staff — druggists and pharmacists, with experience and the existing medical book.

However, it not all that is necessary to open drugstore. The stage of pieces of paper is considered the most difficult.

Before opening drugstore, it is necessary to receive the following documents:

  1. Will be necessary for obtaining the pharmaceutical license:
  • the statement with the indication of the name and legal form, the address of the legal entity and its territorially separate divisions;
  • copies of constituent documents and the certificate about registrations in tax authorities;
  • the document where payment of licensing fee is confirmed;
  • the certificate of the expert, with confirmation of passing of vocational training of the head of the organization;
  • documents, with confirmation of the right of the legal entity for use of the room under drugstore;
  • copies of documents which confirm presence of the higher or secondary pharmaceutical education at employees of the company;
  • the copy of the certificate of SES of compliance of the room of the carried-out activity.
  1. Will be necessary for obtaining the certificate of material and technical resources of the enterprise:
  • copies of the certificate of registration of the businessman and certificate of entering into EGRPOU;
  • lease agreement or notarized copy of the document on possession of the room;
  • the copy of the passport of a pharmaceutical warehouse certified by the notary;
  • provision on a pharmaceutical warehouse;
  • copies of contracts on liability;
  • the plan of measures on withdrawal of low-quality medicines;
  • the order on appointment of experts, including the responsible person who is carrying out control of quality of medicines;
  • copies of diplomas (certificates) and medical books of workers;
  • permission of SES;
  • copy of the contract with the Department of Internal Affairs on service of the fire alarm;
  • staff list.

Purchase of turnkey business

One more option of the beginning of pharmaceutical business — purchase of drugstore, that is already ready business. Price can fluctuate from 20,000 c.u. and indefinitely here, watching how large private affair you get. On the one hand, purchase of ready business — it is much more favorable, than opening of drugstore from scratch: it is not necessary to think from what to begin how to collect documents, to buy the equipment, etc. On the other hand, buying ready business, you receive at the same time and its reputation which will be already extremely difficult to be changed. To find business which completely would answer your inquiries, very difficult. In acquisition of the ready enterprise it is the best of all to address financial consultants who render the professional help in selection of ready business and also the conclusion of transactions favourably and without loss.