How to open restaurant from scratch?

How to open restaurant from scratch?

Restaurant business becomes very popular now. Many men consider that having begun the business it is possible quickly to begin to earn very decent money, but whether so it? To understand what expenses should be incurred when it is possible to wait for profit, it is necessary to understand how to open the restaurant what to begin collecting documents and what investments with will be required.

How to open restaurant from scratch?

The first that should be made, it to collect the package of documents (the passport, the filed copy of the passport, INN, the receipt on payment of fees) and to register SP. Further it is necessary to begin search of the room. When choosing it is better to consider some moments in advance, experts recommend the following:

  1. To choose places with good passability.
  2. Whenever possible to rent the room so that other points of public catering were not near.
  3. In advance to think over the concept of restaurant and to examine the room, estimating whether it is possible to embody own ideas in the concrete place or not.

This the first that it is necessary to make to open restaurant. Further, we start repair of the room, purchase of the equipment and, of course, advertizing.

It is important to understand that there are various norms of the SanPiN to which each restaurateur has to follow. Surely visit the sites of state agencies of the region and get acquainted with them.

It is also important to understand that the problem of how to succeed, is not less relevant than how to open restaurant. Not to be disappointed, in advance think over the concept of an institution for whom it will be intended, it will help to understand that it has to attract clients in your restaurant. Remember that now in this market very big competition therefore it is just necessary to think up counter for customer acquisition. It can be also the unusual concept of an institution, for example, restaurant under the open sky, or cafe for fans of board games and also various actions. Many people with pleasure visit more conceptual and original places, than just faceless cafes.

Only consider all risks, for example, that opening cafe under the open sky, it will be necessary to think in advance of tents in case of a rain and also to stop activity of an institution during the winter period of time or to think out how to fight against cold.

It is also worth noting that most of experts believe that the economic return will occur not less than in 1 year after opening.