How to open the children's developing center?

How to open the children's developing center?

It is no secret, that to suit the child in the state kindergarten today — the real headache for parents. And therefore private gardens and the children's developing centers became a quite good alternative for mothers and fathers who want not just suit the child per day under reliable supervision, but also to create conditions for its development and education. Therefore the question of whether kindergartens are necessary today and the developing centers is not even necessary. Interests another - why them still so a little?

The idea to open kindergarten at home often comes to mind to young mothers who decide to unite pleasant with useful: to bring up the kid in an environment of other kids which will spend the whole day at their place and to receive from their parents for it money. However, everything is not so simple. The home kindergarten provides a huge number of requirements which are imposed to these institutions from SES, fire and children's departments. Obtaining the license, rent of housing meeting requirements, purchase of the corresponding children's furniture, employment of tutors, catering services — all this demands considerable efforts and capital investments from organizers of private kindergartens. Opening of the children's developing center can become an alternative to private preschool institutions. The children's center is the institution for children of preschool age (from 1 to 8 years) directed to education and development of creative abilities in children. Under the law, the developing and educational activity and also the organization of leisure do not demand licensing. So, if for the children's developing center the license is not necessary, then also coordination of the room for this license is not required. It already two problems is less.

The business plan of the children's developing center

It is better if before opening the children's developing center, you are registered as the individual entrepreneur. It is so easier to conduct accounts department and to make financial statements, the tax rate will also be lowered.

Optimum working hours of preschool institution — with 6 or 6.30 up to 20 h. The children's developing center can provide the following services:

  • baby sitting;
  • development of kids in the chosen technique;
  • organization of baby food (breakfast-lunch-dinner);
  • organization of a day dream;
  • organization of games and interaction of children among themselves.

To all other to the preschool organizations including imposes on the children's developing SES centers certain requirements:

  1. Starting search of the room for opening of preschool institution, it is necessary to consider that not less than 6 sq.m of the area have to fall on each child in group, the playroom and a dream have to be separate, also sports complex is desirable. The small developing center on 6-8 children can be based in the ordinary 4-5 room apartment of 80-100 sq.m. Repair will be necessary for the room for allocation of zones: children's bedroom, table, game and sports rooms.
  2. It will be necessary to buy also the equipment for the children's developing center: children's furniture (tables, chairs, beds), children's ware, the Swedish wall, children's exercise machines, the dishwasher, the dry pool developing sets, toys.
  3. Before organizing the children's developing center, it is better to employ skilled staff though at the beginning owners of preschool institution can give classes with children independently.
  4. Before opening the children's developing center where everything is ready to reception of kids, it is worth carrying out the advertizing company which can consist both in rent of billboards on streets, and in a simple pokleyka of announcements at entrances of houses.

The business plan of the children's developing center assumes calculation and financial side of a question. According to experts, opening of the children's developing center can cost organizers in the sum about $100000. Certainly, expenses are high, however the payback of this type of business at the good advertizing company is about one and a half years.