How to open the clothing store?

How to open the clothing store?

Today in any city there are so much clothing stores that it becomes strange from where so many buyers undertake. Actually, it is really quite favorable and profitable vein in which it is always possible to find some, special direction. Let's consider how to open the clothing store.

To open clothing store from scratch – registration of SP or Ltd company

To be engaged in business activity, it is necessary to be the businessman. For this purpose it is necessary to be registered by tax and if you plan to hire sellers and other personnel – that also in insurance and pension funds, as the employer this time.

Prepare that paper affairs will take some time. At registration to you will suggest to choose one of three possible systems of taxation – here everything individually therefore in advance consult with the accountant or the lawyer.

How to open small clothing store: we look for the area

Success of your outlet for 60% depends because, how correctly you chose the place. It is ideal if it is small department in shopping center – in such places always excellent passability. Also the arrangement option near large business center will approach if you decided to trade in office clothes or the university, school nearby if you chose youth clothes. This place has to be located in the downtown so that a large number of people knew about it.

Often depends on this indicator whether it is favorable to open clothing store. If you guessed with the place - it is already a half of success.

As it is correct to open clothing store: we choose the range

Today it is possible to open easily clothing store, having bought a franchize of a famous brand which proved long ago. However, there is always also an option of purchases of various goods online – today many suppliers offer very favorable prices. Besides, you will well save on trips abroad which at the time of the 90th were the main method of receiving quality goods.

Choosing the range, at first look round that lacks in your city. The clothes can be the house-keeper and a premium class, can be youth or office, for thin or for full, for men or for women, for children and for teenagers. Always there is an empty niche which you can quite occupy. The universal answer to a question of for what to open clothing store, does not exist – here it is necessary to take a closer look both at the city and at the place in which you decided to open the business.

How to open own clothing store: employees

In any shop there have to be pleasant, friendly and competent sellers who understand the size, have sense of taste, can offer unostentatiously additional accessories, etc. Perfectly, if for a start you are one of them to put communication with the client on the necessary level.

Whether it is worth opening clothing store and low seed capital?

Consider that the first months your shop even at very good advertizing (today it, first of all, radio and contextual advertizing on the Internet) will hardly make profit. You have to have a stock at least for half a year which will allow you and to pay bills for rent and to pay the selling assistants and to continue to advertize outlet.

Advertizing is the most important. Of course, nobody cancelled free gossip hotline, but if all have a very famous name of your little shop, you will begin to get profit much quicker. Organize to shop magnificent opening, let all comers will receive gifts and discounts. Such beginning will set the tone for all work!