How to save gasoline?

How to save gasoline?

Expenses on transport — one of the main articles of the family budget. If you look for economy options, pay the attention and to this point. On gasoline it is possible and it is necessary to cut down costs. Let's talk about what ways and devices for economy of gasoline on a car exist.

One of the most widespread ways of economy of fuel is installation in the car gas the equipment. This device for gasoline economy, especially with the distributed injection, - piece, on the truth, remarkable. However, before beginning to spend it is less than funds for fuel, gas equipment it is necessary to get and establish what is rather expensive. Equipped with gas, the car goes the same as usually, on gasoline. However, the price of fuel decreases approximately twice. The gas equipment is a real economy of funds for gasoline.

Gas has also a shortcoming. If you long go by it, sooner or later burn through the valve, and repair of the car can cost a pretty penny. However, often so happens that already following owner of the car should pay for the gas established in the car.

If to install the gas equipment so far there is no opportunity, here several councils as it is correct to save gasoline, from the expert in the field of automotive vehicles, Yury Geyko.

Councils for gasoline economy

  1. Handle gently an accelerator pedal. Its sharp pressing increases fuel consumption ten times. At dispersal on the highway or start-off from the place, you press on a pedal smoothly.
  2. Learn to use the checkpoint correctly. Remember a formula which is simple means for economy of gasoline in the car: The first transfer is intended for start-off from the place. The second is necessary for dispersal. The third – for overtaking. The fourth – for driving on the busy city. The fifth – for movement on the highway.
  3. You do not twist the engine. Resolving an issue how to save gasoline, try not to twist the engine of over 2000 revolutions per minute, and as soon as possible to switch transfers. That the 5th transfer, for example, on VAZ-21112, fell on speed already in 50 km/h., the 16-valve engine the similar mode allows.
  4. Pay attention to that, what pressure in tires. It is known that pressure decrease in 4 tires even on 0.1 atm. promotes increase in fuel consumption by 2-3%. It is also known that tires which would not go down over time while in the nature does not exist.
  5. Try not to go to a rain. The increased fuel consumption from driving during a rain is explained by water resistance under car wheels. The refusal of driving on pools is a way of economy of gasoline for 15%! Go round also small hollows.
  6. Lift glasses in the car. It is a radical, but effective way as it is possible to save gasoline. The counter flow creates air turbulences, and they, in turn, increase resistance to the movement of the car. So, also fuel consumption increases.
  7. Driving at high speeds does not promote gasoline economy in any way. Resistance of air obstructs the traffic of the car and fuel is spent more intensively. However, if to be attached behind the car which on dimensions approximately same as yours, then the consumption of gasoline falls on 1-1.5 liters. You will go in an air pocket which is formed behind the car.

It is known that at cars with the automatic transmission fuel consumption is 10-15% more, than at cars with mechanics. Therefore if you look for an opportunity how to save gasoline on the automatic machine, Yury Geyko recommends to press pedals more smoothly as the checkpoint switches.

Thus, resolving an issue how to save gasoline on trifles, you will be able to cut down costs on fuel as a result noticeably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team