How to start from scratch personal subsidiary farm?

How to start from scratch personal subsidiary farm?

Many people wishing to earn from the earth are interested how to start from scratch such organization has a personal subsidiary farm and what advantages. For a start It is necessary to tell that this form of conducting agricultural activity which is not enterprise. It is possible to be engaged as we grow up plants, and animals.

Pluses and minuses of personal subsidiary farm

Before organizing the business, it is necessary to weigh all positive and negative sides that will allow to make the correct decision. One very important advantage consists in a possibility of the LE organization in the presence of the land plot without any registration. Minimalnaya Square makes 0.5 hectares. By the way, whether interests many it is possible to build the house at the organization of personal subsidiary farm. Affirmative answer as for LE it is possible to use not only the house, but also industrial and other buildings, for example, of the greenhouse.

This option of business has some more advantages:

  • it is possible not to be registered and not to hand over tax reports;
  • there are different privileges;
  • receiving an opportunity to independently decide whether it is worth paying pension insurance.

It should be noted some minuses, for example, there are restrictions on the used area of the earth. There is no opportunity to receive substantial assistance from the state. Besides, certificates and declarations are not made out.

What to begin the LE organization with?

Let's understand that is necessary for the organization of personal subsidiary farm on a personal plot and other earth. It is worth beginning with obtaining documents of title on the site. Besides the type of use has to be specified in them, that is "for maintaining LE", any other purpose does not give the chance to be engaged in business. If desired to receive the help from local administration, once he submits documents: copy of the passport and certificate and rights for the site.

It is necessary to think, than to be engaged for maintaining personal subsidiary farm. First of all it concerns a kitchen garden. It is worth approaching a question seriously and best of all to make the landing plan, to buy seeds and to begin work. You should not forget about a garden and the berry-picker. It is recommended to look at first at a harvest, and already then to pass to cutting and cultivation. As for animals, it is better to give preference to hens, geese, Indo-ducks and goats. You should not buy pigs at once, a calf and a cow as experience is in this case important.