How to start the business – what to begin with?

How to start the business – what to begin with?

I want to start the business – what to begin with? If you asked this question, then already for 50% executed conceived. Why? The answer is simple. To find forces to become independent and to direct independently life and the business it is a huge step forward. Everything that it is necessary to make farther – only formality which demands certain efforts and organizing abilities. What it is possible to begin the business with and as it is correct to make it – on this subject we and we will pay special attention.

How it is correct to begin business?

Why at some it turns out to untwist the business, and others quickly burn through? The first important link in this case – motivation. Most of businessmen besides a question how to begin own business, at the same time has many concerns. They are connected with uncertainty in own forces, responsibility to future subordinates, presence of competitors, taxes, seed capital and many other things. That these questions did not arise any more, we will sort advice to beginners business:

  1. So, what is necessary to start business? First, it is important to decide on options of emergence of the business. Them exists a little:
  • to start business from scratch. The ideas which will arise of you in the head have to be interesting to investors. But it is worth remembering that advance of the idea – occupation labor-consuming and demands many forces and time. Success of this business will depend on patience and diligence. What business to start from scratch? It depends on demand which exists in the market and of course from your own sharpness. It is possible to find the people ready to pay for your services, and it is possible to agree about mediation under certain percent. Trade, services for the population and firms, production – in what sphere to begin business will depend already on your personal preferences;
  • to acquire ready business. It is much simpler to make it, than to develop own business from nothing. Upon purchase go into your disposal office and warehouse, experienced employees, documents, etc. Your task to develop this business further or to sell it it is more favorable, than bought;
  • purchase of a franchize. Signing of the contract with the known trademark one of fine options of that as is better to begin business. The firm with which you concluded the bargain will grant you the right to use not only the branded name, but also technologies and licenses.
  1. Let's say that you decided on the idea. Writing of the business plan and business of process has to become the following step. In this point it is important to you to paint each trifle from the first expenses on business opening, to the scheme of how you will look for clients and messages the transaction before receiving profit. If independently it is impossible to paint all process at you, it is possible to order it from experts. Today such procedure is rather distributed. It is important to specify the purposes in the same point – what you aspire in the financial plan and in the organization of business to in general. You remember – if there are no purposes, but will not be and arrived.
  2. Separate point describe all process of the business. It has to be peculiar the cycle: as the main work, who will carry out it how search of clients, implementation of their order and receiving money from the performed work will be carried out will be performed. Here it is important to count how many people are required to you for implementation of all process. The excess employee – a way to bankruptcy, also as well as a big salary at the very beginning of development. It should be considered even before opening of the business.
  3. The correct beginning of business cannot do also without financial plan. You need to be defined and to count scrupulously how many money is necessary for you for successful start. How many expenses you will incur from rent of rooms, salaries to the employees, payments of taxes, etc. All costs need to be minimized. Having made the approximate scheme of a cash flow, you will be able to define income of the business and costs of it in advance. Even before opening of the business it is important to consider all risks, financing sources, etc. It is important to make it in order that in force majeur circumstances you had not to sell then the property to get clear of debts.
  4. Partners. Be defined, you will independently work or will take to yourself partners. Most often many begin to work in business with someone else to throw off from themselves a part of responsibility. However you remember that if in the company there is no chief owner who possesses more than a half of the company, problems by all means will begin. Therefore before taking the partner, be defined whether he is necessary to you. Does he have money necessary for you which competence you do not have contacts to perspective clients, etc. If he does not give anything, then such partner is not necessary to you.
  5. In a question how to start the business, one more point with what needs to be begun is a legal form. From that what type of taxation you will choose, your financial picture will depend in general. In tax authorities it is possible either to register limited liability company (Ltd company) today or to become the individual entrepreneur (IE). Having selected the second item, you simplify to yourself the procedure of registration and conducting the business. But at emergence of problems you will answer with all the property. At registration of Ltd company the responsibility lays down on the CEO and the accountant, and is responsible for problems with the contribution size. When choosing a form of taxation it is the best of all to take simplified having chosen income as subject to taxation. But considering that each case is individual, it is better to find firm which is engaged in registration and accounting service. Also a lot of benefit to you will be brought by the employed lawyer.

So, everything is planned, painted, registered and classified. Now it is necessary to gain strength, to overcome excess fears and to step in a chasm. Already on the fly you will build the base of the business, and then and will make strong its walls and a roof. How thorough and hardy will become your business, will depend only you. Remember that business is similar to the small child – the more forces and time to enclose in it, the effect will be big. Successful to you start and inexhaustible energy.