How to write the business plan?

How to write the business plan?

Just as the theater begins with a hanger, any favorable business begins with competently made business plan. It is practically a rehearsal of that project in which you decided to be engaged. Here it is impossible to be limited only to market researches and the scheme of an expense of finance. The business plan is the document demanding study of each fine detail. Any mistake or a miscalculation on paper, can bring serious problems in practice.

Before answering a question how to write the business plan we will consider its main objectives:

  • the business plan has to be a peculiar crib for managers and designate their common goals;
  • having considered the ideas committed to paper you have to be able to present as far as your project is feasible in reality;
  • the business plan has to be attractive to investors which have no time thoughtfully to read the ideas on implementation of your project.

Unfortunately, most of us catastrophically does not have time competently to paint the project on paper. Also a part of businessmen simply has no idea as it is correct to write the business plan that it at least was pleasant to investors. Therefore many try to resort to services of experts. If you decided to go in the same way and to order the business plan, you have to have ideas what pay people for money and how many this money is required. Do not forget that the business plan ordered by you will be ready to immediate performance. Naturally in the presence of the necessary capital, at the market of implementation of the project chosen in advance and also taking into account already picked up shots.

So, as work of the consulting companies on drawing up the competent business plan is carried out:

  • development of an image of the company and advance in the market by means of advertizing requires the help advertizing or the PR-agencies;
  • in general the consulting companies usually have information on the market chosen by you. However to pick up the correct technique of promotion of goods on the basis of responses of consumers the help to the company specializing in social researches is required;
  • for selection of competent personnel and calculation of the optimum sum of compensation there will be a need to resort to the help of recruitment agency;
  • separate and one of the major points involvement of lawyers and accountants is. Their help will consist in development of documents for obtaining licenses and the credits and also setting of taxation.

How much is to write such business plan?

The total cost of creation of the business plan will be taking into account work of the most consulting company and also cost of services of the attracted companies.

To have an idea, how much is to write such business plan, we will give couple of examples taking into account the different volume of investment:

  • if your project assumes the volume of investment about $500.000, does not demand search of additional information and includes up to 5 types of service, its approximate cost will be equal to $800;
  • if the planned volume of investment reaches $. 17 million, includes up to 15 types of service and demands additional carrying out market researches, then for work on drawing up such business plan you will give about $2.5-3 thousand.

Checking the ordered business plan, you remember that its volume has to be not less than 45 pages. Investors have to understand an essence of your project from first lines, the main kind of activity and sources arrived.

How independently to write the business plan?

Among announcements on the Internet it is rather often possible to see a request - Help to write the business plan. Addressing to audience with such request, you remember that to you hardly someone will make the good and competent business plan free of charge. Ask to supply you with all necessary information on independent writing better. The main thing that your business plan was effective, relevant and detailed to trifles. The approximate scheme of the business plan looks so:

  • Introduction and summary of the project.
  • Market researches: analysis of the market and competitiveness, description of your project and marketing program of the main actions.
  • Organizational works: organizational plan, description of technology and engineering training and also legal justification.
  • Financial transactions: justification of need for initial financial resources, the forecast of future income and expenses, monetary indicators of efficiency of the project in the economic plan, a payback period and estimated profit.

Your business plan, is the first step for creation of effective business. You do not hurry to realize an idea if you had any doubts. Postpone better your business plan and when you are visited by new thoughts, finish them. Plan the project on months at least for 2 or 3 years. Also you remember – better you nobody will write the business plan to your project.