Human resource management

Human resource management

It is undoubted that effective work of the organization and receiving the maximum profit by it is directly connected with the one who works in it and how the policy of management of activity of employees in the company is pursued. Therefore the concept of the correct human resource management widespread now is very important.

What means human resource management?

Usually understand the aspiration of the enterprise to employ and hold at themselves at work of the most highly skilled employees as human resource management of the organization. At the same time the company tries to minimize expenses on financing of their work, seeking for the maximum return from workers for the purpose of receiving the greatest profit. At the same time all arising problems in human resource management have to be solved by in common qualified HR managers and heads of the top and average management of the company.

Problems of human resource management

The qualified human resource management of the organization has to include:

  • employment of personnel of optimum number and structure in terms of efficiency of production and trade activity of the enterprise. At the same time process of management of human resources includes holding the actions directed to improvement of quality of work of each individual employee;
  • search of necessary human resources in all available ways: independently, by means of the HR manager, the appeal to services of recruitment agencies, etc.;
  • creation of such structure of human resource management at which the economic interests of the enterprise as much as possible coincide with personal needs of each employee;
  • ensuring highest growth rates of effectiveness of work of all employees (material incentives, skills development, social guarantees, etc.). For this purpose human resource management has to provide individual approach to each of employees of the enterprise;
  • constant search of more and more effective methods of motivation and increase in personal interest of personnel of the enterprise;
  • their planning belongs to one of the most important functions of human resource management which the qualified HR manager has to carry out. It consists in assessment of the available human resources, calculation of future need for them and in development of the special program for involvement of new workers on the enterprise.

Stages of human resource management

It is known that human resource management (or, being expressed is more modern, personnel management) has several stages. Let's consider them in more detail:

  • planning of human resources, i.e. development of tactics of satisfaction of future requirements of the company for certain personnel;
  • reception of employees for work is one of the most difficult stages of human resource management. It also assumes creation of a reserve of potential employees in case of release of any vacancy;
  • selection of the best candidates for open vacancies of the company;
  • development of optimum level of salary which will promote attraction new and to deduction of already available employees and at the same time will not lay down a heavy financial burden on the company;
  • adaptation of employees and their introduction to a course of what expects to receive from their professional activity the company;
  • training of the employee in labor skills for more effective activity;
  • assessment of professional activity is one of the most difficult stages of human resource management, demanding high qualification from the HR manager;
  • increase or demotion, transfer of the employee or his dismissal are an integral part of human resource management. It is quite good motivation for improvement of quality of work of personnel;
  • training of heads of an average and the top management, development of abilities of the experts intended for this purpose.

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