Outsourcing of personnel

Outsourcing of personnel

Eventually there are all new and new personnel decisions which purpose consists in receiving an economic benefit, providing with enough resources and optimization of business. In particular, outstaffing and outsourcing of personnel of the company can be an example of such methods.

If it is about outsourcing of personnel, then mean a vykhozhdeniye of employees for staff of the company by this concept, it is frequent by creation of new non-staff jobs. Thus, outsourcing in personnel management is directed to that, proceeding from the existing conditions, it was always possible to correct the number of employees of the company, whether it be towards increase in their number or, on the contrary, reduction while the number of staff members of firm remains invariable.

Quite successfully it can be applied as outsourcing of linear personnel, that is average managing director of a link, and ordinary employees. For example, often resort to outsourcing of warehouse personnel, accountants, experts in the sphere of high technologies and so on.

Outstaffing and outsourcing of personnel in company management are for what purpose applied?

Practical benefits which outsourcing of personnel gives are obvious. First, it causes an opportunity to pay attention to primary questions, abstracting from personnel problems. Secondly, it makes sense to cooperate with the company which is carrying out outsourcing of personnel, most often its services are also that practices on minimization of taxes are provided to firm customer. Thirdly, outsourcing of personnel allows to optimize costs of the company for the salary.

Situation when employees really work in one organization, and are on the staff another, outstaffing, as well as outsourcing of personnel is called, this strategy aims at restriction of number of staff employees. The organization employing employees under the contract of outstaffing processes all personnel documents, pays them salary, deducts taxes, issues sick notes and so on. At the same time people continue to carry out the working duties in other company.

Signing of the contract of outsourcing of personnel

From the legal point of view the beginning of works on outstaffing and outsourcing of personnel is defined by the special contract which is signed among themselves by customer company and the company outsourcer.

The contract of outsourcing of personnel is the major document, in fact, it is a legal basis of rendering outsourcing services. The subject of the transaction, terms, an order of performance, delivery of works, terms of payment of the provided services is surely specified in it. Also in it such moments as qualification and experience of people which will be involved in performance of tasks of the customer make a reservation. It is of particular importance if it is about outsourcing of working and sales staff. In addition, all requirements for confidentiality, nondisclosure of personal data of employees and observance of a trade secret have to be observed. Special attention in the contract is paid to guarantees of successful cooperation. For this purpose it is necessary that all executed services were documented. Various acts of performance of work, the invoice and so on can be documents of such plan. Besides, it is specified that for non-performance or low-quality performance of work on outsourcing, staff recruitment, the loss is indemnified to the customer or any penalties are applied.