Qualities of the leader

Qualities of the leader

Probably, it is difficult to meet the person who would not like to become a leader. When to you all prisushivatsya, respect and imitate, but, unfortunately, to be given by the leader not to everyone, but, as we know, if to want, then any objective can be achieved, it is only necessary to want it strongly. So what after all personal qualities of the leader?

10 qualities of the leader

Actually it is more such qualities, but we will consider only main.

  1. Commitment - one of the main qualities. If you noticed, then most of people - leaders at heart can work almost whole day without fatigue. They can early wake up or late go to bed and at the same time they do not feel what fatigue. All this occurs because they have a purpose and their task to receive it in any way.
  2. Persistence. Any leader has to have this quality and in a different way in any way. He has to pass any given test, and that being given just out of the question. It is possible for this reason the word ""failure"" is unfamiliar to them.
  3. Objectively itself to estimate ability. The leader has to know weak and strengths and also to be able to analyze them. It is very important as, knowing exclusively positive sides, you except arrogance what do not reach.
  4. Readiness for changes. That is they can devote themselves without the rest to the favourite business, move forward and reach victories, but as soon as work ceases to meet their requirements, so they are at once ready to be engaged in another matter.
  5. Pleasure from work. The true leader will not begin to pine with work. They perform the work not only because they have to do it. And besides the people holding rukovoditelsky posts unlike repaired have a possibility of the choice, and do that they want.
  6. Belief in success. Leaders have to risk. They like to begin something new, and sometimes even what does not guarantee what success. Simple words are pioneers. Therefore they always believe that at them everything surely will turn out and to be in a different way as cannot.
  7. Vigor. The leader has to lead other people, and it can do only to vigorous, active and enterprising people.
  8. Reliability. This quality is important to not only leaders, but also all people without exception - it is reliability. Surrounding people have to see stability of the future and know that it is possible to rely on you at any time that it did not happen. As a rule, the people having such quality are not only leaders, but also are an authority for people around.
  9. Enthusiasm and initiative. If you do favorite thing without hobby and enthusiasm, then from you there can hardly be a true leader. Also very important an initiative to be one step away ahead.
  10. Determination and judiciousness. The leader has to be able to make the correct decisions at the responsible moment and also to be able to weigh all pluses and minuses.

Qualities and lines of the identity of the leader

First of all it is worth referring emotional stability to these qualities. Generally people leaders hold a senior position, both stresses and emotional pressure are inevitable. They should support the government and authority all the time, to understand the developed conflicts and to watch work terms. If the person has no such stability, then he "will just be burnt" with such tension.

Creativity and mental dexterity. If you have such personal qualities of the leader, then you will be able quickly to penetrate into a key part of the problem, to reflect at the same time on several things and quickly to switch from one to another.

We considered the main qualities of the leader. If you have no them, but want to take the leading position in collective, then all these qualities can be developed in themselves, the truth on it will leave a lot of time.