Specialties and professions

Specialties and professions

There is a huge set of specialties and professions which can be mastered, having begun training in one of various educational institutions. Only desire is necessary. But also it does not mean that having received specialty it is possible the corresponding profession. Important criterion for the choice of specialty and a profession are such personal data as character, interests and abilities of an individual.

So in what the specialty differs from a profession? The concept specialty – includes a set of the acquired knowledge and experience in process of training in a certain type of activity within some profession. The profession is that kind of activity, than the person is engaged. Speaking about specialty and a profession it is necessary to mention such concept as a position - the professional status with a certain circle of duties and powers.

There is a certain classification of professions and specialties:

  1. The person - wildlife. Professions of this sort means work with wildlife, that is with plants and animals: study, leaving, creation of new types, etc. For example: livestock specialist, ecologist, forestry specialist, microbiologist, etc.
  2. The person - the technician. The professions connected with the equipment: development, creation, repair, installation, management. For example: mechanic, engineer, technologist, driver, etc.
  3. The person - the person. The type of activity of the person directed to interaction with society: sphere of medicine, legal protection of the person. For example: doctors, lawyers, psychologists, managers, etc.
  4. The person - a sign system. All connected with languages, symbols, formulas. For example: programmer, accountant, economist, translator, etc.
  5. The person - an artistic image. The creative professions connected with creation something new in the sphere of art. For example: artists, musicians, architects, hairdresser, etc.

Judging by classification, it is worth choosing future profession at early age, proceeding from interests and desires. But for work in any establishment a certain specialty, especially is necessary if it is modern professions or the direction of brainwork, demanding a certain qualification and skills.

The list of professions and specialties is selected with the basic fields of activity:

  • economic (banker, seller, supplier, accountant, economist, broker, etc.);
  • medical (doctor, massage therapist, surgeon, paramedic, etc.);
  • the information scientists and communications still called Information Technologies (programmer, the web designer, the coder, the translator, the radio operator, the system administrator, etc.);
  • sciences (inventor, designer, scientist, etc.);
  • legal (lawyer, judge, prosecutor, lawyer, president, etc.);
  • security (militiaman, security guard, investigator, bodyguard, etc.);
  • technical (driver, mechanic, welder, electrician, miner, builder, metallurgist, painter, etc.);
  • agro-rural (farmer, shepherd, tractor operator, veterinarian, etc.);
  • cinema (stuntman, producer, director, critic, screenwriter, etc.);
  • chemical industry (chemist-engineer, chemist technologist, etc.);
  • transport (driver, mechanic, taxi driver, etc.);
  • publishing (maker-up, editor, proofreader, etc.);
  • aviation and sea (pilot, navigator, seaman, stewardess, fisherman, astronaut, etc.);
  • creative (actor, actor, DJ, journalist, composer, etc.);
  • industry of services and services (bartender, waiter, door-keeper, mail carrier, hairdresser, croupier, etc.);
  • sphere of cleaning (cleaner, janitor, gardener);
  • food industry (confectioner, wine maker, butcher, baker, etc.);
  • others (climber, athlete, dog handler, diplomat, etc.).

The list of demanded professions and specialties changes every year, but statistically the last years, first of all workers of information technologies and also highly skilled workers of production spheres, such as mechanics, engineers, turners, welders builders are necessary. Also increase in demand for senior positions is observed: managers, top managers. Good demand for highly skilled builders, economists and lawyers is observed.