A dogrose at pregnancy: advantage and harm how to accept at hypostases

A dogrose at pregnancy: advantage and harm how to accept at hypostases

 Hips contain a large amount of vitamin C which gives to drinks from it sourish smack. They are traditionally drunk in the period of colds, they are capable to stimulate immunity at the cellular level. Bushes of a wild rose as still call a dogrose, are widespread in a moderate zone of Europe, grow also on other continents. They with success are applied to gardening of sites. Let's consider, than this plant will be useful during pregnancy and what drinks can be made from it, their possible harm.

Whether it is possible to drink a dogrose at pregnancy

Berries of a dogrose contain high concentration of vitamin C which gives to drinks from it sourish smack. Besides ascorbic acid, they contain vitamins P, PP, K, E, B1, B2, carotinoids and also minerals — potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and other.

Learn more about useful properties of a root and berries of a dogrose.

In them there is a large amount of organic acids, pectins, sugar, flavonoids, steroids, tannins, anthocyans, essential oils. Drinks from fruits of a wild rose are traditionally drunk in the period of colds as they are capable to stimulate immunity at the cellular level.

Let's consider, than the dogrose is useful during incubation of the child:

  • increases immunity and protects an organism of future mothers from infections and colds;
  • ukreplyayushche affects vessels that is prevention of varicosity;
  • source of the useful minerals necessary for normal development of pregnancy;
  • improves a metabolism;
  • helps to struggle with nausea which often disturbs pregnant women on early terms;
  • increases appetite;

For increase in appetite it is also necessary to use: oranges, cherries, lime and also ginger.

  • improves digestion;
  • removes developments of stagnation a gall bladder;
  • has diuretic property and helps to remove hypostases which are quite often suffered by pregnant women on late terms;
  • oppresses inflammatory processes;
  • improves appearance.

Despite above-mentioned advantage, a dogrose can sometimes do harm and has the following contraindications:

  • the increased acidity;
  • exacerbation of diseases of a GIT, pancreatitis;
  • allergy or individual intolerance;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • the substances which are in a dogrose stop and condense the bleeding therefore it is not desirable to use it at thromboses and thrombophlebitises.

Sometimes the people using too often and there is too much dogrose medicines, note at themselves unpleasant symptoms: nausea, breakdown, insomnia, spasms in a stomach and others. These are signs of overdose by vitamin C.

Important! It should be noted that pregnant women with reception of means from a dogrose too cannot be zealous as they contain a lot of vitamin C. The list why the overdose of this useful substance is harmful, quite long. There is enough of fact that the surplus of this vitamin can provoke a tone of a uterus and threat of an abortion. If the pregnant woman already takes the drugs with this vitamin, then she should revise rationality of the use of medicines from a dogrose.

Such gipervitaminoz it is not useful to health and can cause also an allergy and other problems.


This useful drink begins to be cooked in two hours prior to reception.

Whether you know? From seeds of a dogrose receive oil which is used for cosmetics on lip, dry, oily and sensitive skin care, an eye area, rejuvenates, improves a condition of hair. It well regenerates and bleaches skin therefore it is applied also at scars and to disposal of the pigmentary spots including which appeared during pregnancy.

The recipe is simple:

  1. Four teaspoons of shredded fruits (or 10 whole berries) fill in 0.5 l of the begun to boil water and weary on a water bath.
  2. When liquid begins to boil, gas is disconnected, and insisted under a cover 1-1.5 hours.
  3. Then filter through a sieve, and broth can already be used. Often to taste add sugar or honey to it.

This drink is recommended to take every other day on one glass once a day. At cold and flu it is advised to drink three times in a day on a half-glass within a week.

Dogrose syrup

He is trained from juice of fruits with sugar additive. It is necessary to consider that because of existence of sugar it can increase weight, and it should not be used to diabetics. It is good to future mummies to use this syrup on 1 tablespoon 2–3 times a day. It is admissible to add to teas and other drinks. Already ready syrup is on sale in drugstores and some shops, but it can quite be made independently:

  1. For preparation of syrup it is possible to use the dried fruits. They are filled in with water in a proportion 2 to 1.
  2. Then boil 20 minutes, filter through a sieve and add granulated sugar. Sugar is taken on a ratio to the taken water twice smaller.
  3. Bring to boiling and on silent fire cook 5 minutes.
  4. Cool, pour in a glass small bottle and put on a regiment of the fridge for further storage.

We recommend to study properties of tea from hips.

Tea with a dogrose

This drink is recommended to pregnant women as the good all-strengthening means. It is good at catarrhal and viral diseases, inflammatory processes.

To make this tea, it is necessary:

  1. To take 3–4 berries of the average sizes, to put in a teapot for tea leaves and to fill in 250 ml of the begun to boil water.
  2. It is possible to add other herbs, admissible at pregnancy (linden, a camomile, a melissa).
  3. Insist 40 minutes, filter and it is possible to drink. To taste recommend to add sugar or honey.

It is useful for pregnant women to drink such drink of times a day after meal of small drinks.


Infusion of fruits of a wild rose has good medicinal properties. It is shown at low hemoglobin, decline of forces, GIT function improvements.

He prepares easily:

  1. For this purpose the crushed fruits place in a thermos and fill in with the boiling water of 500 ml.
  2. 2–4 hours allow to infuse.
  3. Intake of such drink is carried out on 100–150 ml during the day. It is good to drink after a meal as tea drink.

The use of green onions, dried fruits, red rice, onions shallot, bilberry, red currant and beet juice compote also promotes increase in level of hemoglobin.

Dogrose compote

Compote from hips is pleasant and will be useful. It increases immunity, strengthens vessels, reduces pressure, improves the GIT function, promotes removal of slags and toxins, well tones up. Is suitable for dietetics as rather low-calorie — on 100 g only 110 calories. It should be noted that presence of the increased content of vitamin C can damage enamel of teeth therefore it is desirable to rinse after intake of compote a mouth warm water. If compote turned out too concentrated, then it is better to dilute it with water. It is possible just to take a tubule for drink.

Fresh berries compote turns out especially tasty. For preparation on two banks of 1 l take:

  • 2 glasses of sugar;
  • 3 glasses of fresh fruits;
  • 5 glasses of water.

Preparation process following:

  1. Berries wash away water.
  2. Dry a towel.
  3. Place in the prepared banks.
  4. Fill in with boiled water.
  5. Cover with covers and 30 minutes allow to stand.
  6. Then pour infusion back in a pan, throw sugar and put on a plate.
  7. Bring to boiling, and later spill on banks and close covers.
  8. Place in an oven at a temperature of 120 °C for an hour.
  9. Roll up covers, overturn and wrap up something warm (for example, a blanket).
  10. After cooling transfer to places for preservation storage.


In traditional medicine often recommend dogrose tincture on alcohol.

Important! Spirit tincture on a dogrose strengthens blood circulation that leads to short increase in pressure therefore it is better for hypertensive persons to refuse it. Because of availability of alcohol do not recommend to use tincture to pregnant women and children.

Such tincture has the following useful properties:

  • fights against inflammatory processes;
  • shown at avitaminosis;
  • helps at cold and an infection;
  • helps at anemia;
  • takes off fatigue, increases immunity;
  • strengthens vessels;
  • promotes release of gastric juice at pancreas dysfunction;
  • at gynecologic diseases;
  • at inflammatory processes in urinogenital ways;
  • GIT diseases;
  • for healing of wounds.

To make tincture of fruits of a wild rose rather easily. On 1 glass of dried fruits take:

  • 70% pharmaceutical alcohol — 250 ml;
  • sugar — 6–7 tablespoons;
  • 1 liter of boiled water.

Preparation process:

  1. Fruits are washed and drenched with boiled water, then filled in with water.
  2. After they bulk up, add alcohol, sugar and water.
  3. Then pour in a clean can, close a cover and put to the cool place inaccessible for sunshine. The bank needs to stir up periodically.
  4. After 30 days, tincture is filtered, and it can be used.


For future mummies juice is excellent cold and viral diseases, flu medicine. Such juice includes a large amount of useful substances and well stimulates work of immunity.

Whether you know? The dogrose can live many years and grow very big. In Germany near one of cathedrals there is a dogrose which age not less than 400 years (and it is possible, and more). Its height already of 13 meters, and a grasp of a trunk reaches about 50 cm.

To prepare juice, take fresh-gathered berries, wash, clean from seeds and small hairs and place for a couple of minutes on a water bath. Later pass via the juice extractor. Juice is ready. It can be drunk independently, and it is possible to mix with apple or grape juice.

How to make and accept from hypostases

At women during pregnancy puffiness, especially on deadlines is quite often observed. Nearly 75% of future mothers are subject to such phenomenon.

Hypostases develop on a face, legs, hands and are tied with a delay of excessive liquid in an organism owing to the fruit pressure upon internals (including kidneys). All this results in constant fatigue, increase in weight, enhances risk of appearance of toxicosis.

Have diuretic properties: root of a parsnip and dandelion, lyubistok and also leaves of cowberry, blackberry and wild strawberry.

One of harmless and natural cure for hypostases which the women expecting the kid can use is the dogrose. This excellent diuretic. From excess liquid in an organism it is good to accept hips in various look — infusions, teas, compotes, broths, syrups, juice.

Experts recommend to stop the choice on infusion. But it is important not to be overzealous and understand how many it can be used for medical effect. It is necessary to drink it on 125 ml 2 times in a day, it is better to accept after a meal as tea. Drinks from hips will perfectly strengthen immunity of the pregnant woman, will help to struggle with nausea and hypostases. However you should not be fond of them excessively and it is necessary to get acquainted with contraindications. Intake of infusion will be the most optimum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team