How to choose the good logopedist?

How to choose the good logopedist?

The child needs the logopedist! It is impossible to postpone further, in school soon, and the speech, unfortunately, so itself and did not get better as parents hoped for it. Here and having made efforts of all family members, having seen all possible options, you made the choice. But, whether that is a person who will be able to help your child? Give, we will talk about it.

  • • Diploma.

Be not ashamed, ask the logopedist what higher educational institution he finished.

Is not a secret that the logopedist it is possible to become, having finished short-term courses, and the similar diploma is quoted as well as university. But, here, the quality of education differs very much and very much!

To graduates of colleges and various short-term courses the diplomas certifying that they received qualification logopedist are issued, but, in fact, they gained only skills of statement of sounds, and can work only with the only diagnosis, the dislaliya diagnosed at violation of pronunciation of phonemes for children with normal hearing and completely healthy articulary device. It is known that the list of speech violations is not exhausted by this diagnosis, and experts-skorospelki will not be able even to diagnose them.

They everything will have a dislaliya, well, or a paralalia (it, that case when the child cannot utter several phonemes).

Mummies! To your data if the diagnosis a functional dislaliya is made to the child, then you quite can independently deliver it pronunciation if you have patience to understand as you utter any given phoneme. Or, use special literature, and, then, show to the kid as the difficult phoneme is said.

Rhymes, songs, tongue twisters will help to fix pronunciation.

  • • Qualification.

It is often possible to hear – take an interest in qualification of the logopedist. Be not interested, it is useless. And here, why: the logopedist went to Soviet period on courses, improved the skills, after their termination took examination. Now all not so that to raise the category, the logopedist needs to collect the mass of documents and to make a portfolio, how it worked in a kindergarten. In essence, presently any mediocrity can receive the highest category, it is enough to be the stable employee and to be able beautifully to process documents.

  • • Decency.

From the decent person it is possible to grow up the good professional. But, whether it is possible to bring up the decent person from the professional? To whom do we trust the child and how to check it? Let's consider the most widespread situation, the logopedist extends time and money from parents. There is no difference whether the logopedist in a private order earns additionally, or represents any organization. Simply, to it can be favorable, be engaged in the child longer: payment arrives regularly, the child is happy, parents think what good expert too. How can the logopedist create external visibility of work? Yes, it is very simple, in logopedics there are no exact terms of correction of defects of the speech. If you look through any handbook on logopedics, then will never find, what is the time will leave on setting of the correct pronunciation of one sound, or correction of the wrong pronunciation of the terminations. The fact is that exact data do not exist, everything is individual. One child has a transition from the general underdevelopment of the speech of the first level to the second will take few months, another – about one year. But, if the logopedist puts several months a sound of Highway, it is already obvious occasion to think whether and everything goes correctly?

Conclusion: Your presence on logopedic occupations not a whim, but need. Let you will not be able to be present at all occupations, but allocate time and look what is done by your child, glance in a notebook with homework, as they say, to have the finger on the pulse. Communicate to the logopedist upon termination of occupations. Be guided by the known principle – first try, then trust! How to check? But, not one logopedist on light! Visit the nearest children's policlinic, in everyone there has to be a logopedist, let he will make the diagnosis to your kid, will give consultation about the recommended technique of setting of the correct pronunciation.

Do not give in to false modesty, do not hide from the logopedist that went to consultation to other expert. On the contrary, similar information will force your logopedist to make effort, re-read textbooks, to take an interest in new techniques. As the result, treatment of the kid will pass rather and at the appropriate level.

How after all to choose the good logopedist? What expert will be able to deliver pronunciation to your child? That who was praised by your good acquaintances. That which is pleasant to you as the person. That which has the required knowledge and experience. And, never neglect process of treatment or training of your child, you come, be interested, consult.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team