Kindergarten: good or bad?

Kindergarten: good or bad?

Parents always wish to the child only the best. But how to avoid an excessive nasedaniye on the child? What it is correct and what is not present? And how to act this way to bring up not the unfulfilled dreams, but the complete unique personality?

First, it is necessary to define for itself what the child needs. What is wanted by him, but not you?

Today the reasons for which parents give the kids to kindergartens very much and many. But all problems can be divided into two categories: impossibility of parents to spend all day at home with the child (because of work or for health reasons) and need of the child for new society and social development. It would be ideal if you could pay attention only to wishes of the child and send him to a garden only for the second reason, but, unfortunately, in today's world it far not so.

First of all before taking away the child to the world, absolutely new to it, you need to prepare it psychologically for the fact that mother will not be near always any more. Let's to allow it wean from you though a little bit and to explain to him that you will be at all because you its steel to love less.

Communication with peers undoubtedly will give a good print on development of your child: intellectual and physical. But you have to explain it to him. Therefore talk to him, find as much as possible good points that he will go to kindergarten.

As for the stay of the child among peers whether much in it it is plus?

First, being in the environment of other kids to your child it will be easier to have diseases though it will be possible to happen to it and more often than earlier. But at school it will be much easier for it. It will develop immunity and he will be ill less in more adult state.

To go to the first class without having any experience of communication with other children a big stress for the child. It will be more difficult to it to make friends, especially if in its class there are children from one kindergarten. To undergo adaptation will be huge work for a cub. And as a result bad notes and the sad child closed in himself.

Try to realize how many good can present to your child kindergarten and it will become easier for you to get used to such changes.

Actually about the training of the child: tell him as there it is interesting how many there new and novel as there will fascinatingly pass it days if it goes there. Show a garden from far away, exactly to what you are going to give it, walk there several times, acquaint it and convince that it is absolutely safe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team