Whether the yoga can do harm to an organism at pregnancy?"

Whether the yoga can do harm to an organism at pregnancy?"

 Probably, there is no such person who would not hear about yoga. A usual "gentlemen's" set of information about her traditionally keeps within that she is very useful and mysterious. It is mysterious — because practice this ancient, it is from India, and, except devoted, plainly nobody knows anything about it. Whether it is possible to practice yoga during pregnancy and in what its advantage for women in the family way consists — we will try to understand.

Yoga and pregnancy

The woman expecting the child, sparing him life — one of the greatest riddles of the Universe. Occupations yoga during this period especially help to reach internal harmony, to establish strong emotional connection with the child and it is easy on the physical plan to transfer pregnancy.

It is the answer to a question still doubting — whether pregnant women can practice yoga.

Why advantage

The yoga is not religion, not morning exercises, not closed exotic sect. It is the ancient philosophical system bringing a body, mind and spirit into harmony. It is a way to itself.

Exercises of prenatal yoga for pregnant women differ from usual as are made taking into account position of the woman.

During this period on occupations such tools can be used:

  • the practicians on the correct breath providing high-quality supply of an organism of the woman and child with oxygen;
  • the special exercises designed to prepare softly the pregnant woman's organism for double loading and easy childbirth;
  • the meditations allowing to get rid of fears and phobias, to find harmony, to understand itself and to establish a spiritual bond with the child;
  • the relaxation — calming, relaxing the practician for a body and soul. Besides, it helps to get rid of "whims" of the last months of pregnancy — hypostases and spasms.

Everything together extremely well influences the woman's organism:

  • psychological state is stabilized, stress level goes down, differences of mood disappear;
  • work of a cardiovascular system improves;
  • the varicosity and locks is warned;
  • moderate physical activities provide a full-fledged dream;
  • muscles become stronger and stretch so that back and waist pains disappear, and childbirth promises to be lungs;
  • fast restoration after the birth of the kid.

Why harm

Occupations yoga can do much harm in one case — if there are contraindications. Contra occupations there can be such reasons:

  • abortions, premature birth or the stood pregnancies which were earlier;
  • heavy course of pregnancy;
  • weakness of a neck of the uterus;
  • presence of chronic diseases at which even such physical activity is forbidden;
  • at polycarpous or pregnancy abounding in water, at WHAT FERTILISATION;
  • if absolutely tortured toxicosis and weight decreased to dangerous limits;
  • even at insignificant bleeding;
  • it is not necessary to risk last weeks pregnancies.

Important! Internals of the person under the influence of force of an attraction are displaced down. Practice of the regular turned poses corrects it.

Therefore each woman expecting the kid has to consult with the gynecologist before going to a training. And, naturally, not to be overzealous with exercises.

What direction to choose as the pregnant woman

If the woman decides to make pregnancy not only pleasant, but also to spend time with advantage — it is necessary to choose the direction of this spirituality which exists much.


The most ancient of the directions known for today. The name "hatkh" consists of two parts: ha — the Sun, a tkha — the Moon. According to representations of ancient Hindus in a human body this two energy — warm solar (activity in the outside world) and cold lunar connects (contemplation, attention to inner world).

The Hatha yoga purpose — balance of this energy and, respectively, human health. Does not treat Hatkh, it helps the person to find harmony and to remain in this state, serves as basis for further occupations.

She learns to operate, use in perfection the body through asanas (exercises), breath and ability to direct vital energy.


Based by the most part on meditation and respiratory practicians. Here the main focus — on a backbone. According to this doctrine the internal energy of the person moves from top to down on the power centers (chakras) located along a backbone.

Study the description of the main chakras of the person.

Occupations help to force out gradually from blood carbonic acid and to oxygenate it. Oxygen will be transformed to vital energy and helps to revitalize and rejuvenate a brain and the vertebral centers.


This direction helps psychological and physical relaxation, a relaxation — even in the most difficult and difficult situations to keep calm and concentration. Each occupation begins and comes to an end with singing of mantras — power channels answer with fluctuations.

Respectively, under the influence of sounds and vibration the pacified emotional state, a positive view of the world is reached.

Learn more about a strong mantra of Ohms.


Pregnancy is a way to change of mind, soul and a body lasting 9 months. Kundalini-yoga — one of the fastest and powerful the practician. It is considered that kundalin are a female energy of the birth, development and transformation of the person.

In translation from Sanskrit of "kundalina" — "the force which is in the secluded place, curtailed as the sleeping snake, in a spiral". Since the birth of the person it is in the "dozing" state at the backbone basis, the task is in "waking" her.

Whether you know? Ancient yogis believed that quantity of breaths of course. Therefore the more slowly you breathe, the longer live.

Awakened kundalin climbs the power centers of a backbone to the topmost chakra. Also the person — his thoughts and aspirations changes, there is desire to love the whole world and to harmonize it.


It is the alphabet for those who only began to be interested in yoga. This direction is based on the main postulates of Hatha yoga. Generally it is static exercises with use of various auxiliary materials: chairs, levels, bricks, belts, etc.

Transition to exercise comes from exercise very slowly and smoothly. There is the maximum concentration on the internal state — and, as a result, stress level considerably decreases. Is ideal for people with the weakened health.

When to begin?

When the Indian woman understands that she will become a mother soon, she without hesitation goes to occupations yoga. It as at us — to be registered in clinic for women. Occupations yoga, and during this period especially — national tradition and a way of life of many generations.

It is good when occupations yoga — lifestyle of future mummy. In that case prenatal practicians will serve excellent service at a stage of planning of pregnancy and conception. But anyway our women should listen to the recommendations of the doctor. Having received good on occupations, it is necessary to start them from the second trimester — when the health is stabilized, and toxicosis together with nausea and vomiting will remain just unpleasant reminiscence.

The basic rules for those who decided to be engaged

There are several general rules to which it is worth listening:

  • the instructor has to have the corresponding qualification and the certificate on conducting occupations with pregnant women;
  • it is impossible to be engaged if the discomfort or especially pain is felt. In this case performance of asanas is inadmissible — under a ban exercises on a stomach, with a strong deflection of a back, with tension of muscles of an abdominal press. It is extremely carefully necessary to carry out exercises on balance (if necessary it is possible to use a chair or a wall as a support) and an extension;
  • all classes have to be at the speed, suitable for the woman;
  • special attention the 8, 12, 13 and 14 weeks of pregnancy deserve — at this time in an organism of the woman there is a considerable reorganization.

Whether you know? The yoga arose in India, but practiced also representatives of ancient civilizations of Latin America. The true age of yoga — more than 5 thousand years.

As it is correct to carry out exercises, safety measures

During this delicate period it is necessary to listen more than ever earlier to the body and to observe safety measures:

  • classes have to be under supervision of the experienced instructor which will choose individually for you a set of exercises and their duration;
  • keywords — gradually and regularly. It is gradually necessary to enter in practice and to leave soft from them, and trainings have to be regular as short-term and non-systemic loadings can only do much harm, but not bring benefit to the pregnant woman;
  • the increased arterial blood pressure or strong toxicosis and yoga are incompatible;
  • it is necessary to avoid jumps and sharp movements;
  • after meal or liquid has to pass about an hour. Before a training it is possible to eat something a lung — banana or yogurt.


There are several moments which forbid to practice prenatal yoga:

  • it is undesirable to begin to be engaged in the 1st trimester, especially if before this experience was not. During this period it is better to be engaged in meditations, to listen to the body, to enjoy rest and to rejoice to the forthcoming motherhood;
  • at "delights" of toxicosis — nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness;
  • prelying of a placenta — one more zone of risk. If such medical verdict, occupations is rendered — in an inaccessibility zone;
  • bloody allocations;
  • if there is a hyper tone of a uterus and threat of an abortion;
  • puffiness in the last trimester:
  • occupations in the third trimester can provoke premature birth — better not to tempt destiny and not to act.

Treat the forbidden asanas:

  • jumps are excluded in any trimester;
  • hot yoga which leads to temperature increase of a body;
  • rapid breathing. It is better to practice the respiratory technicians helping with labor;
  • the deflection of a back should not be too deep;
  • under the deepest ban — twisting of a stomach which squeezes a uterus, and poses, lying on a stomach;
  • vigorous yoga (vinyasa, power yoga, ashtanga);
  • you should not increase loading at an extension — the organism itself will take care of it, producing the necessary hormones;
  • poses, lying on a back;
  • rack on the head. Even skilled women can lose at the same time balance.

Features of yoga for pregnant women in the 1, 2, 3 trimester

Occupations yoga in each trimester of pregnancy have the features. Yoga in the 1st trimester. If the yoga practiced before pregnancy, it is only worth reconsidering a complex adjusted for the kid. If it is planned in combination with the occurred pregnancy, then it is worth consulting with the doctor.

We recommend to you to esteem how to control a set of weight and how to choose clothes during pregnancy.

In the absence of contraindications and the normal course of pregnancy of the yogi will help not to allow or eliminate toxicosis, to stabilize nervous system, to improve an emotional background. Especially useful to pregnant women in the 1st trimester will be such practicians of prenatal yoga:

  • everything that strengthens muscles of a back, hips, hands;
  • pose of a cat;
  • easy deflections of a humeral belt, exercise for a neck, chest department of a backbone;
  • for prevention of varicosity — the extremities raised and extended up;
  • and there is as much as possible relaxation — noise of the sea, singing of birds, wood sounds.

Yoga in the 2nd trimester. The gold period of pregnancy is good as well for this spirituality. The hormonal background is normal, toxicosis behind, a stomach not so big to prevent to move. At this time the emphasis is placed on strengthening of pelvic muscles and prevention of varicosity. The list the practician of yoga, recommended for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester, includes such:

  • the easy turned poses (raised up legs for blood outflow);
  • poses for removal of loadings from muscles of a back, a waist;
  • respiratory asanas for a cardiovascular system.

Yoga in the 3rd trimester. It is especially carefully necessary to treat selection of exercises in the last trimester. It is necessary to avoid poses on a back (not to peredavlivat a large vein), standing (not to increase already big load of legs) and any turned poses. It is possible and is necessary:

  • at any exercises to take itself "assistants" — blankets, chairs, rollers, etc.;
  • everything that helps to keep balance and to provide an insurance;
  • to continue breathing exercises;
  • meditations and relaxations.

It is important! If to practice yoga, it is possible not to worry about excess weight — asanas help to reduce body weight by 20% within two months.

Yoga for future mothers: approximate complex

The yoga for pregnant women includes very simple set of exercises which can be carried out as in gym, and at home.

  • Occupation begins with deep breaths exhalations — they are carried out slowly.
  • Pose — standing directly. At the same time slightly to strain all muscles of a body and to weaken.
  • To put legs as it is possible more widely. To part hands in the parties. Turn of a body to the right side, then — in left. Along with turn it is necessary to bend a leg in a knee and to put emphasis on it. It is necessary to bend the leg corresponding to side of the turn.
  • Sitting on a floor, to make an inclination to direct legs. It is necessary to feel how the backbone is extended.
  • Sitting on a floor, to part widely legs, to reach hands for a floor. Direct knees.
  • Being on all fours, on a breath to bend a back, on an exhalation — to straighten. The head is hung.
  • Standing directly, to bend a leg in a knee and to rest it on an internal part of a hip. A knee to take aside. To hold such situation within several seconds. For balance it is necessary to use a chair or a wall.
  • To raise one shoulder — and to lower it. To do the same with the second. Then to do it with both shoulders.

In Sanskrit the word "yoga" has several values — "unions", "communication", "unification". Occupations for all, and for pregnant women especially, will help with the main thing — to establish connection of soul and a body, to find real themselves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team