Black pepper: advantage and harm

Black pepper: advantage and harm

Useful properties of spices are widely used in the Asian countries where found for each of them suitable application. Most of them have the expressed aroma and taste therefore are used in cookery. Black pepper which is a fruit of a peppery bush is considered one of the most popular spices, and its natural area covers all India. In this article the advantage and harm of this spice for a human body, indications to its application and the principles of use of pepper in traditional medicine will be considered.

As black pepper grows

In the wild nature this curling creeping bush lifts the lianas on trunks of trees on height to 14 m. In agriculture for it establish poles up to 4 m high and limit to it its growth.

Leaves have length to 10 cm and width up to 5 cm, fruits stone fruit are formed in the extended brushes and ripen at different times therefore the period of collecting fruits quite long.

Important! Choosing black pepper, give preference to integral peas. Ground pepper is often diluted with cheap salvage — peppery dust. Upon purchase try to squeeze a pea between fingers. Fresh — it will be flattened, and relying — it will be scattered in powder or will break up to small particles.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Curative properties of pepper are caused by the substances which are its part. The following data are specified at the rate on 100 g of a product:

  1. Caloric content of this spice quite high — 253 kcal. Such power value is caused by the high content of carbohydrates.
  2. Feedstuffs in this product contain in such quantity: proteins — 10.7 g, fats — 3.6 g, carbohydrates — 39.1 g, water — 11.8 g, food fibers — 25.1 g.
  3. Vitamin structure of spice following: vitamin A — 15 mkg, B1 vitamin — 0.12 mg, B2 vitamin — 0.23 mg, B4 vitamin — 11.7 mg, B6 vitamin — 0.35 mg, PP vitamin — 1.15 mg, a betaine — 8.4 mg, tocopherol — 4.6 mg.
  4. Macrocells in black pepper are presented by the following substances: potassium — 1.26 g, calcium — 451 mg, magnesium — 191 mg, phosphorus — 169 mg, sodium — 45 mg.
  5. Microelement structure at this spice is as follows: iron — 28.73 mg, manganese — 5.51 mg, zinc — 1.21 mg, copper — 1.13 mg.

Advantage and harm

Having the mass of useful properties, this spice is more often used in the medical purposes.

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Than black pepper is useful

The difficult chemical composition of this product causes its various influence on men's and female organisms.

For men

This juicy spice will become useful additive to a daily diet of men:

  1. First of all, this product is known for the useful antibacterial properties. It oppresses development of inflammatory processes, destroys pathogenic intestinal microflora, and it eliminates an unpleasant smell from a mouth and improves digestion.
  2. Abundance of iron in its structure well influences the haematogenic function and work of a cardiovascular system.
  3. Manganese strengthens the immune system, reduces the content in blood of bad cholesterol, normalizes work of a pancreas.
  4. Regular consumption of this spice is used for improvement of potency and quality of the eyakulyat. It also stops development of prostatitis.
  5. Ground black pepper should be used at violations of work of a liver as it promotes its clarification from toxins.

Whether you know? The first documentary mention of black pepper and its advantage for a human body is dated 243 BC. One of favourite pupils of Aristotle — Teofrast — divided this spice into two views: black and pink pepper. Presently from fruits of this plant produce black, white, pink and green spices. These types differ from each other in way of processing of unripe fruits.

For women

This classical culinary additive is known not only the characteristic aroma. In particular, it can well affect health of women:

  1. This product is strong antioxidant. He connects and brings out of an organism free radicals, prevents emergence of new growths and slows down aging processes.
  2. At catarrhal diseases the medicinal properties of this spice help a female body to struggle with viral infections, promote a phlegm otkhozhdeniye from bronchial tubes.
  3. Its property as analgetic are applied at a headache and painful monthly. Spice also reduces the muscle pain caused by lactic acid.
  4. Black pepper in the form of peas normalizes work of nervous system, saves from the panic attacks, sleep disorders, depressions.
  5. To those women who have problems with intestines this product will help to get rid of chronic locks, excess gas generation. It is also used as a part of various drinks for weight loss.
  6. Vitamins A and B6, still known as youth vitamins, improve appearance of skin and hair therefore on a question whether this product is useful, it is possible to answer in the affirmative.

Whether it is harmful

It is not recommended to eat this spice to people with its individual intolerance. With care it is necessary to add pepper to food to those who suffer from ulcer diseases of a stomach, the lowered acidity and diarrhea. It is not recommended to use this product and during the postoperative period. It irritates mucous membranes of nasal ways and can cause sharp sneezing, and it is fraught with a divergence of seams.

Important! This spice possesses the expressed diuretic action therefore it is not recommended to be eaten to people with cystitis or inflammation of kidneys.

Whether it is possible black pepper

Considering biological activity of this spice, not to all people it will be useful.

At pregnancy and GV

If black pepper was present at the pregnant woman's diet earlier, then it can continue to be eaten up to the eighth month of incubation. In the last month the pregnancy and the first three months of breastfeeding to pregnant women is recommended to exclude this spice from a diet. The weak children's organism can react to such product with an allergy. Since third month of feeding, it is possible to try to add this product to food in small amounts.

At diabetes

As this product reduces risk of developing of thrombosis and stimulates metabolism, and its glycemic index does not exceed 15 units, it is possible to use it at diabetes. However, the quantity should be limited. The standard daily rate of consumption should not exceed 1 g of this spice.

At gout

At violations in work of an urinary system this product is recommended to be eaten in the whole look — peas. It promotes crushing and removal of sand and stones from kidneys, reduces concentration of uric acid in fabrics.

At pancreatitis

Bitter pepper is categorically contraindicated to people with pancreatitis. It is the irritating spice which will only aggravate this disease.

At gastritis

Treats partially forbidden products at this disease. Whole bell pepper at gastritis is forbidden to be used, and powder spice can be used after two-hour endurance in the open air. For this period the majority of the irritating aromatic substances will be lost. The week norm of this spice is no more than 2 g.

Whether you know? Up to the 40th year AD Arabs had exclusive monopoly for delivery of black pepper to the countries of Europe. Everything came to the end with opening by the Roman Empire of a sea way to India. The ships of Romans began to import massively spices and other east goods on the European continent that put an end to the high prices of black pepper.

At a hypertension

Contrary to popular belief, this product has no impact on pressure therefore it can be eaten if there are no others a contraindication to its use.

Application in traditional medicine

There is a large number of recipes with use of this spice as it has a wide range of medical actions.

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At a diarrhea

The fixing effect of pepper is possible only at its use in an integral look. To get rid of diarrhea, you need 200 ml of drinking water and 10 peas. Swallow peas one for another, without chewing. Wait for 5 minutes and wash down them with water. Repeat the procedure in 6 hours, and intestinal frustration will be eliminated.

From heartburn

The following compounding helps at the heartburn caused gastroptozy.


  • ginger ground — 10 g;
  • pepper ground — 7 g;
  • water — 450 ml.

Way of preparation

  1. Boil water in the enameled saucepan. Mix ginger and pepper.
  2. Pour the received mix into the boiling water, cover a saucepan and you cook on slow fire within 5 minutes.
  3. Cool ready broth to room temperature and drink three times a day on a half of a glass in 15 minutes prior to food. The course of treatment makes 3 days.

Important! In cases when antiseptics is inaccessible and there is a need to urgently disinfect a wound, it is possible to wash it with clear water and to fill ground pepper on the damaged place. It will destroy all pathogenic microflora, will dry a wound and will promote its fast healing.

From parasites (worms)

This spice does not destroy worms, and promotes their removal. Regular consumption of black pepper will prevent appearance of parasites in an organism, but if infection already occurred, it is necessary to swallow 3 integral peas of this spice after each meal. The broth prepared on milk is considered one more effective means. Ingredients

  • the black pepper ground — 5 g;
  • baked milk — 100 ml.

Way of preparation

  1. Bring milk to boiling on slow fire. As soon as in it there are bubbles, pour black pepper.
  2. Boil thoroughly mix within 3 minutes, remove it from fire and sustain under a cover from 2 to 2.5 hours.
  3. Use the received infusion 3 times a day on 35 ml in 10 minutes prior to food. The course of treatment lasts 5 days.

From cold

The medicinal tea made according to such recipe can be used even for treatment of the child. Ingredients

  • water — 250 ml;
  • lime color — 10 g;
  • bell pepper — 3 pieces;
  • bay leaf — 1 piece;
  • honey — 10 g;
  • olive oil — 5 g.

Whether you know? Thanks to the identical weight and the size, peas of black pepper were used in antique times as a criterion at exact weighings. Thousand peas weighed exactly 460 g therefore with their help weighed precious metals and pharmaceutical medicines.

Way of preparation

  1. Boil water in the enameled capacity and remove it from fire. Add to it lime color and bay leaf, cover and sustain within 7 minutes.
  2. Add bell pepper, boil thoroughly on big fire for 2 minutes.
  3. Remove tea from fire, cool it up to the temperature of +50 °C. Filter it through a strainer, add honey and olive oil. Have tea each 4 hours before obvious relief of symptoms or their full elimination.

Black pepper is a spicy fragrant spice which is widely used in cookery and medicine. It is added to ready dishes and drinks, from it prepare national medicines. At a large amount of useful properties this product has practically no contraindications. Regular use of black pepper will help to strengthen an organism, will save it from pathogenic microflora and parasitic forms and will give jokes to your dishes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team